7 Affiliate Success Steps

Written by Sara Bonnet

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6. Forums. Next step is to join forums or discussion boards. Not only will you learn heaps from them but, you will haverepparttar opportunity to help others too. This is also a really good and discreet way to advertise. You will earn respect and have people coming back for more. When you post in a forum, you are involved in very highly targeted crowd, and when you contact them you leave your information in your signature (including your website address) forrepparttar 145659 world to see. Just be aware that most forums do not allow you to advertise your business. Don’t disregard their policy as you will only get your self booted fromrepparttar 145660 sites for life.

7. Search Engines. You might have noticed that we userepparttar 145661 search engines for a great deal of our work. They would have to be one ofrepparttar 145662 best inventions onrepparttar 145663 internet! Use them…..find your submission sites, forums and places to link your site, find info for your article etc….You will soon notice that your articles are listed inrepparttar 145664 search engines which can only gain you more and more traffic at absolutely no cost.

There are a number of ways to expose your business without spending a dime. Not only are they free but they will give you more targeted traffic then you can possibly handle, if done right. Don’t get me wrong, I am not promising yourepparttar 145665 road to wealth. As I said before I can’t be sure that you will follow these steps correctly. But what I do know is that they actually work, without using them you basically have no hope at making a profit.

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Does Your Advertising Make You the Obvious Choice to Do Business With?

Written by Brett Curry

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So what is your USP? Are yourepparttar fastest in your industry? Do you offer a level of service and expertise that your competitors can’t touch? Does your product do what other products can’t? If so, SAY IT! And communicate it clearly. Your USP should berepparttar 145644 focal point for your brochure.

2.Are you showing or telling? I’m from Missourirepparttar 145645 “Show-me” state. I guess we are a group of “we’ll believe it when we see it” types. But I don’t think this attitude is limited to Missouri, every consumer everywhere would rather see that your product or service will deliver rather than just hearing you talk about it. So how can you effectively SHOW how your product or service works inrepparttar 145646 confines of a brochure? There are several ways: 1. Testimonials. Good ones show exactly how your product or services have impacted a real person’s life. 2. Charts, graphs, and comparison. If you can save people money create an easy to read chart or graph that shows how much you’ll save them. If you outperformrepparttar 145647 competition show that in a comparison of some type. Show you product in use if possible. Showing is always more powerful and more persuasive than telling…

3.Are you speakingrepparttar 145648 customer’s language or your own? Most brochures read more like a brag report or likerepparttar 145649 CEO patting him or herself onrepparttar 145650 back rather than offering valuable info torepparttar 145651 prospect. Your brochure should be focused on your customer and his or her needs – not just your company. Yes, you want to show that you have won awards and what not, but you have to go beyond just mentioning your accomplishments and show how you can enrich your customer’s lives.

4.Are your speaking in specific or general terms? People are leery of generalities, but more trusting of specifics. If you say you will save people “a ton of money” that is significantly less powerful than saying that on average your customers save 25% or $100 when they start using your product or service. If you say you arerepparttar 145652 fastest – quantify how much faster you are and tell your customer why it should be important to them. Specifics are rich with meaning and are powerful…generalities are worthless. Anyone can say that they arerepparttar 145653 best. Only a few companies can giverepparttar 145654 proper specifics to prove it.

Here’s your assignment: take your brochure or ads and compare it to your competition’s brochures or ads. Now, try to imagine what your reaction would be if you had no previous knowledge of you company, your competitor’s companies, or your industry. Would any ofrepparttar 145655 brochures cause you to say “wow – I would be a fool not to do business with THAT company?”

My guess is that none will even come close. If your brochure is under performing then go to work onrepparttar 145656 four things mentioned above.

Don’t let your brochure widenrepparttar 145657 confidence gap – span that gap. That’s whererepparttar 145658 money is…onrepparttar 145659 other side ofrepparttar 145660 confidence gap.

Brett Curry is a Professional Marketing Consultant and Marketing Director for Brochures.com. Brochures.com is the home of top quality, full color brochures, business cards, postcards and more at up to 70% off of retail. http://www.brochures.com marketing@brochures.com This article may be reproduced provided that the above bio is listed with the article.

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