Written by Vernette Carbon

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for a Fortune 500 company technology has made it easier to

do so. However, before you decide to work from home, you

must evaluate yourself to see if you would survive as a

home-based worker. Working from home is not for everyone.


Following are several questions you should ask yourself

before deciding to work from home. If you can’t answer

yes torepparttar following questions, then you are not completely

ready to work from home. The questions are:

*Am I knowledgeable aboutrepparttar 142883 Internet and email?

*Do I manage my time well?

*Am I easily motivated or do I need people around me to motivate me?

*Am I disciplined?

*Can I balance family, work, and everything else atrepparttar 142884 same time?

*Am I teachable or do I like to do my own thing?

*Am I reliable?

*Do I have a specialized skill?

*Do I have allrepparttar 142885 equipment needed to work from home?

*Does my spouse have health insurance coverage forrepparttar 142886 family? If not, can I afford health insurance on my own? (If you need affordable health insurance, you can receive instant quotes from 114 different companies at www.insureme.com. Just type in your information and they will match you with specific companies based on your needs.) For dental plans check out www.dentalplans.com.

*Can I actually reducerepparttar 142887 high cost of health insurance by joining a group health insurance plan, reducerepparttar 142888 level of coverage, increase my deductible, pay annual premiums rather than monthly or quarterly, etc? (For more information check out National Association for repparttar 142889 Self-Employed at www.mybizoffice.com or www.nase.org/nase_benefits/health_benefits.asp.

*Can I contribute to a self-employed 401(k) plan? (Visit www.investsafe.com to request a free information kit onrepparttar 142890 self-employed 401(k) plan forrepparttar 142891 self- employed and small business owner).

*Can I handle waking up earlier or staying up later whilerepparttar 142892 children are sleeping to meet my deadlines?

*Would I be able to make enough money to payrepparttar 142893 bills?

If you are focused, disciplined, have a positive attitude,

highly motivated with excellent communication skills, can

answer yes torepparttar 142894 above mentioned questions, then you are

ready to work from home as an independent contractor,

freelance or telecommuter. If not, then you can either

learn these lessons alongrepparttar 142895 way or work outsiderepparttar 142896 home

part time.

It is very important that before you start working from

home that you have an office set up with a good computer,

phone line (you will need a second phone line for some

assignments), and a fax machine. Some computers come with

faxing features. Most jobs are done remotely, andrepparttar 142897

Internet is a conduit for telecommuting jobs.

Vernette Carbon is the owner-publisher of AmazingWorkatHomeSecrets.com, and the mother of two children. She is also author of an amazing new e-book, "Amazing Work at Home Secrets.” For more info about working from home for Fortune 500 companies visit www.amazingworkathomesecrets.com/intro_new.html or send a blank email to mailto:carbonv@getresponse.com

Becoming a Website Designer

Written by Barnaby Kalan

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You can learn about Dreamweaver at: http://www.macromedia.com/software/dreamweaver/ There is even a free trial option, so you can samplerepparttar software. And no, I’m not earning any affiliate commissions by recommending this to you.

Dreamweaver will have far more features than you can possibly wrap your mind around at first. The trick is to use any tutorials included withrepparttar 142882 software, plus any free online tutorials (do a google search) and teach yourself how to create simple, clean web pages at first. Then you can gradually learn about other features, such as using tables, more complex formatting, etc.

From now on, as you surfrepparttar 142883 web, bookmark sites you like or designs you like, and keep them in a special folder as examples you’d like to model. There’s no faster or better way to learn than by modeling success.

Launch your freelance web design practice by building your own website with Dreamweaver. If you have Internet access, your Internet provider already gives you from 5-10 MB of web space as part of your subscription. So you can practice on your first website there, at no additional cost.

For an initial investment of $399, you can become an expert using a professional tool. Once you're confident enough, build your own business site, with your own domain name, and promote your services as a web designer. I recommend using www.godaddy.com to register your new company’s domain name and host your site. It can cost you less than $50 a year to do both.

You can get a professional-looking logo for your business for $25 from www.gotlogos.com What other business can you launch for under $500 that hasrepparttar 142884 potential to earn tens of thousands of dollars per year?

And finally, purists and experts still suggest that you eventually become somewhat familiar with HTML, even if you use a WYSIWYG editor that hides all that HMTL code. Many professionals go in and "tweak" their web pages by hand, using HTML, to get exactlyrepparttar 142885 look they want.

There are some free tutorials available to learn about HTML. Check out: A beginner's guide to HTML: http://archive.ncsa.uiuc.edu/General/Internet/WWW/HTMLPrimerP1.html And http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/

The ability to create attractive, simple and functional web pages is a highly sought-after skill. Once you have created your own site showcasing a few examples of your work, your first prospects will probably be small businesses, consultants, and retail establishments in your area. Then, with experience, you can start doing work for larger companies. There’s another benefit, too. You can work for anyone, anywhere, anytime, aroundrepparttar 142886 world, from your comfort of your home office.

Barnaby Kalan is an award-winning freelance copywriter and author of Outsourcing Yourself: How to Turn Your Job Into a Business for Greater Wealth and Security. For a free chapter from the book, visit www.outsourcing-yourself.com

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