6 steps to win on High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP)

Written by Fryan Valdez

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4. Diversify your money to your final selected programs. You can dorepparttar following:

Example: Total Investment - 300$

Program,Investment,Compounded (%) A,100,50% B,100,30% C,300,0%

Do not compound all you investment because it's to risky. I recommend that one of your program should be 0% compunded and

deposited directly to your e-gold account

5. Monitor. Monitor. Monitor --- Visitrepparttar 127543 review sites if possible everyday to checkrepparttar 127544 statuses of your HYIP. If one of your HYIP website had been down for 3- 5 time in one month start pulling out your principal from this program.

6. Last Step, Study and Learn. Read investment articles that can help you increase your understanding on internet investments. Here is a great resource:

Get Paid Programs Review & Ratings - Your One stop making money directory

By following this 6 steps you can win and beat HYIP scams! Happy Investing!

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SCAM Alert: 3 Tactics of SCAM Sportsbooks

Written by SportsbookReview.com

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Remember: If a promotion overrepparttar phone does interest you, insist written information be sent to you before agreeing to makerepparttar 127542 deposit.

3. Outright SCAM Sportsbooks - usually open up right around football season. This type of scam operation is know asrepparttar 127543 deposit-only sportsbook because they do whatever it takes to get you to deposit your money with no intention of ever making pay-outs.

The easiest way to spot a fake is to look for an address or phone number. Ifrepparttar 127544 site lists a phone number, call it and ask for their address. If they do not readily give you a valid address, consider them suspect and do further research before making a deposit. These rogue operations often use large bonuses, spam email and other shady tactics to lure players.

Remember: In this completely unregulated industry, you have to do extra research because there are no safety nets and you arerepparttar 127545 only one responsible for your funds.

This SCAM Alert has been brought to you by SportsbookReview.com. Sportsbook Review rates every known sportsbook and issues SCAM Alerts to help you protect your money. Before you even think about sending money offshore, check the SBR SCAM Alert and the Rating Guide. Free Special Report "No-Nonsense Advice on How to Spot a SCAM Sportsbook" at http://sportsbookreview.com/downloads/9.aspx

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