6 Web Site Content Tips to Attract Potential Customers Like a Magnet!

Written by Joe Gracia

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Many Search Engines won't list you if they find Page Under Construction messages.

Wait until your page is complete and then put it on your site.


If all you have on your Web site are advertising banners and more advertising banners everywhere you look, people are not going to stay and they won't be coming back.

Focus on what your visitors want -- interesting, fun, informative content.

One or two ad banners may be okay, just don't overdo it.


We can't believe how many Web sites just providerepparttar title of their products or services, one or two features, and a price, and think that people are going to then buy from that skimpy amount of information.

You have to remember that your Web site visitors don't haverepparttar 134766 luxury of entering your place of business, picking up and examining your product, and asking you lots of questions about its features and benefits.

The only thing they know on your Web site, is what you tell them. And when it comes to marketing,repparttar 134767 more you tell,repparttar 134768 more you sell!

The more expensiverepparttar 134769 product or service,repparttar 134770 more you must tell.

The myth that you can sell products from your Web site with just a picture, name and price destroys a lot of Web businesses. Don't let it destroy yours.

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Written by Meredith Pond

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Next, considerrepparttar length of your copy and how it's distributed. Do you have ALL your information on one l-o-n-g page? Does your main "overview" page include minute details that people don't really need, at least at first? Copy that is too long, boring, or hard to navigate is perhapsrepparttar 134765 worst enemy of online success.

Sure, you might have a lot of information to give potential customers, but do you have to do it all at once? Of course not. Your main introductory page, for instance, should give a BASIC overview of your product and its major benefits. On this page, include links to pages where more detail can be found, such as testimonials, ordering info, and features you want to mention but aren't important enough to list onrepparttar 134766 main page.

If your pages must be long, be sure to use lots of headlines and bold text to highlight your main points. When faced with a long page to read, many people will skip down to those parts which look more important, so make sure they stand out. Also, include a link to your order page nearrepparttar 134767 top, middle, and bottom of each page. A customer who decides to buy after your first paragraph doesn't want to scroll allrepparttar 134768 way torepparttar 134769 bottom to find out how to order. Placing order links throughout your copy will help you capitalize on buyer impulses, which is just as effective onrepparttar 134770 Web as it is inrepparttar 134771 supermarket.

Overall, be sure your copy is professional, credible, easy to read, and simple to navigate. I can't tell you how frustrated customers become when they have to search your site for 5 to 10 minutes to find what they're looking for. With this in mind, keep your copy straightforward, and separate pages into logical categories. When doing so, be sure to provide links to those pages to help people find their way around.

Meredith Pond is editor and manager of DrNunley's http://CheapWriting.com. See her low-cost writing and editing services for students and business people, including a web site rewriting package. Reach Meredith at meredith@drnunley.com or 801-328-9006.

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