6 Ways to Promote Your Online Business Using Promotional Items

Written by Candice Pardue

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4. Find Promotional Items that Compliment Your Business Niche

You can always find certain items that will compliment your type of business - items that you know your customers will use often! For Example: A pharmacy may want to order daily pill organizers withrepparttar pharmacy name, address, phone, fax, and Web address printed on them. This way, as soon asrepparttar 125250 customer needs a refill, they will be automatically reminded to go to www.yourpharmacy.com to reorder!

5. Packaging Products for Multiple Sales

One ofrepparttar 125251 most overlooked (and cost effective) techniques for generating extra revenues is packaging.

You may be able to package your products along with promotional items for increased sales. For Example; An online video business may offer all three Star Wars videos along with a Star Wars T-Shirt. Customers love packages such as this, and it would be a unique way to promoterepparttar 125252 site andrepparttar 125253 product! Do you have products which compliment each other? Remember, this is a sale you may or may not have made withoutrepparttar 125254 package deal so it's almost like getting FREE MONEY!!

6. Free Contests and Drawings

You can give promotional items away in contest drawings. People love to win stuff. Itís exciting for them to enter, andrepparttar 125255 contest helps drive traffic to your site!

** To be successful with contests, makerepparttar 125256 prize related to your business so thatrepparttar 125257 entrants are targeted.

I hope this has you thinking about special promotions and how you can use them to enhance your online business. Online success comes in increments so use some of these tips along with other fresh marketing ideas to keep your business ahead ofrepparttar 125258 competition!

Candice Pardue is the Webmaster and co-creator of OS-Marketing.Com - Developing cutting edge marketing techniques for emerging and established Internet businesses. Lots of free articles, tools and resources for building Web traffic. Visit OS-Marketing.com at:

Six(6) Ways to Promotion Success!

Written by Clifton W. Bonney

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3. Free Links and FFA Pages Most people just submit to these, but you really need to consider owning one or two. Surely you have been torepparttar Free Links Pages where you submit your URL, and your webpage remains onrepparttar 125249 top, then scrolls off as others are added. The scroll-off time depends onrepparttar 125250 traffic atrepparttar 125251 particular webpage you submit to, usually 1-2 days...and yet sometimes 10 minutes. One of my FFA pages delivers me 400-600 emails every day- people waiting to receive my ad. Can you imagine how large my database has become, just from one service? 4. Free and paid Classifieds Placing Classified adds requires more than just submitting your URL. You need to be able to create a SHORT, but exciting description of your business/service. You only have a few seconds to GRAB your readers before they click away to someone else's ad. Classifieds do last longer than FFA's- sometimes as long as 3 months, and can be edited if your program changes. There are thousands of places to submit your classified ad... some free and some where you must pay. Always use a combination of both. Nothing works well by itself. Adland.com is great and free! For paid Classifieds, here is a good example: http://submit.websection.com/agent.cgi?id=10591 5.Replicating Websites These will work as long as you are willing to promote them.Place your ad, thenrepparttar 125252 entire page is duplicated. The company will send you a URL to promote, along with any other programs you are involved in. Your ad stays on top. 6. Offline Advertising You can not have a total promotion package without it. By offline, I definately DON'T mean sell your product or sevice to all your relatives and friends. Never a good thing to do! You can promote offline easily by purchasing inexpensive items to place on your vehicle, window, or anywhere. I have found two terrific tools that are inexpensive... Web-Decals- Place these in your car back window-advertise while driving: http://www.webdecal.com .cgi/100654 Id It Plates-Again for your car: http://www.iditplates.net/new/1642/index.html ****************************** OK- followrepparttar 125253 examples above for a COMPLETE promotion package you can put together YOURSELF at a reasonable cost. All ofrepparttar 125254 above examples can be found at Click City... plus lots more: http://www.fluffymoose.com/members/clifton/

Clifton W. Bonney/BA in Communications Publisher of The Linker Trader Digest, a weekly E-Zine for business owners-5000 subscribers. His 20 years+ experience in the communications field has yielded high rewards online. Please feel free to email him with comments or suggestions: cliftonent@webtv.net

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