6 Useful Tips to Cut Wedding Costs

Written by Dulce Azogue

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4.Cake. If you’re norepparttar type who valuesrepparttar 135493 look of your wedding cake a lot, then don’t go for a tall, grand look that costs a lot. Have a small cakeshop dorepparttar 135494 job instead.

5.Musicians. Don’t go for a band if you can’t afford it. Hire a very talented small-time singer instead. Give herrepparttar 135495 piece orrepparttar 135496 songs she will sing in advance and make sure she’ll be able to carry them out really well.

6.Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. There are things that you want in your wedding that may not be within your budget. List those that are important to you in one group, then list those that are not in another. Learn to give value to those you believe will make your wedding memorable and discardrepparttar 135497 ones that are just frill to you, or go for a budget-friendly alternative. The key is to adjust withrepparttar 135498 budget you have.

A wedding is an important occasion to people who will spend their lives together, and it must be something that should be taken much time and preparation. Remember to save in advance if you want to have that special day a success to you both, and to people who will attend it.

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The Pros & Cons of Beach Weddings

Written by Cindy English

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* The beach is usually a bit breezy so take that into consideration when picking your location. Try to choose a "cove" onrepparttar beach that is protected from direct winds.

* Be sure to check with local authorities regarding any permits needed to userepparttar 135390 beach. This should only be necessary if you are having a large gathering and you want to block off a portion ofrepparttar 135391 beach exclusively for you and your guests. Ask to be sure though.

* Check onrepparttar 135392 "Beach Rules". Ask questions. Can you have candles onrepparttar 135393 beach? Can you play music intorepparttar 135394 night? How late can you stay? Is there an area nearby for open fires should you choose to barbeque?

* Speaking of food...don't forget aboutrepparttar 135395 seagulls! They are notorious beggars and thieves. You can expect them to attend your beach wedding, uninvited! As long as you keep food covered and don't feed them, they will stay onrepparttar 135396 sidelines.

* Rememberrepparttar 135397 tides. You definitely do not want to be surprised byrepparttar 135398 quick and unanticipated arrival of high tide!

* Onrepparttar 135399 beach, there will be bugs and sunshine! Make sure you considerrepparttar 135400 comfort of your guests. Bring sunscreen and insect repellant for those who did not remember to bring their own.

* Chairs may sink inrepparttar 135401 sand if you do not rent flooring to place under them. However, if you are planning a "beach blanket" reception, you will not need chairs. Remember your elderly guests though. Plan for their safety and comfort. You will need to provide them with chairs and beach umbrellas to protect them fromrepparttar 135402 elements.

Beach weddings are absolutely beautiful but nature does provide an element of uncertainty. Careful planning on your part will eliminate most of them. Just remember...

If every hair is not in place due torepparttar 135403 ocean breezes or a seagull drops off his "wedding gift" a little to close to repparttar 135404 punch bowl...

These are not flaws or imperfections in your day. They are "memories"! Cherish them and have fun!


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