6 Tips To Help With Your Workout

Written by Laura Hickey - http://www.laurahickey.com

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Shake it out- Often times doingrepparttar same workout can become really boring. So shake things up. Change what you do each day and also change your music. Perhaps switch between your favorite radio stations and CDs. Besides being a good change for you, it can also help your workout because your body isnít getting use torepparttar 139349 same routine.

The Look- Do you admire someoneís body that is or isnít famous? Instead of sucking it in or covering it up, post pictures ofrepparttar 139350 one who admire around where you work out for motivation.

Your workout doesnít have to stop there. Having self control when eating out is a way of working out. Skiprepparttar 139351 chocolate cake that you know youíll regret later and have some fresh fruit with yogurt. To ensure that your workout isnít interrupting your workout, exercise 3-5 hours before you rest. Doing a last minute workout can tightenrepparttar 139352 muscles as you sleep causing you to wake up to a sore body. Having a positive attitude will make your workout go by faster since you wonít be in a mindset of hatingrepparttar 139353 activity that youíre doing.

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Twelve ways to avoid asthma while loving your pet.

Written by David Kane

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6. If your home uses forced-air heating seal uprepparttar air ducts and use portable room heaters instead. This will preventrepparttar 139325 allergen enteringrepparttar 139326 pet-free rooms.

7. Do not use fans or fan heaters. These will blow allergens that settle on carpets and furniture up intorepparttar 139327 air. Research has shown that some pet allergens can take up to six hours to settle once they are disturbed.

8. When you cleanrepparttar 139328 house use an anti-allergy vacuum cleaner that filters and keeps allergens. If you need to purchase one check thatrepparttar 139329 vacuum cleaner can filter outrepparttar 139330 allergens.

9. Frequently wash dogs with lukewarm water and shampoo. Ideally get a non-asthmatic to do this. For cats gently wiperepparttar 139331 fur with a damp cloth or use a shower. Unfortunately, while these methods will take a lot of allergen offrepparttar 139332 cat they will not remove all of it. Some research has found that totally immersingrepparttar 139333 cat in water will remove most allergens, so you could try that if you donít mind allrepparttar 139334 scratches it will probably earn you!

10. A non-asthma sufferer should also brushrepparttar 139335 pet regularly outsiderepparttar 139336 house.

11. Clean out pet cages and litter boxes outsiderepparttar 139337 home. If possible get a non-asthmatic to do this job too.

12. If your pet is a tomcat get him neutered. The male ofrepparttar 139338 species produces most allergen, butrepparttar 139339 amount declines after neutering. Cats vary greatly inrepparttar 139340 amount of allergen they produce. If you have more than one, keep each cat inrepparttar 139341 house for a while to find out which one is least allergenic.

If your asthma is severe and triggered by pet allergensrepparttar 139342 best advice is to find a new home forrepparttar 139343 animal. However if your asthma is fairly mild and you cannot bear to be parted from this member of your family, try some ofrepparttar 139344 above measures and you may be able to avoid asthma while loving your pet.

David Kane is the author of Ď101 Top Tips for Asthma Reliefí and has produced a number of resources to help asthma sufferers monitor and control their condition. Find these at http://www.asthma-relieftips.com

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