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This version is only 28 words. Which ofrepparttar above do you prefer? Actually this is another trick question in two ways.

First, it'srepparttar 129931 wrong question. You should be asking what your readers prefer. The better question is which ofrepparttar 129932 three versions best makesrepparttar 129933 point clear to your readers? And which will they find easiest to read?

Second, what you prefer does not matter. That's just personal reading taste. What does matter is which ofrepparttar 129934 above better fitsrepparttar 129935 way you want to write.

I might userepparttar 129936 original form to introduce a topic. Then follow up with a paragraph or two about each ofrepparttar 129937 key points included or implied inrepparttar 129938 sentence. However, Revision #1 is stronger, and usually my choice.

5) Use Bulleted Text

Revision #2 is a bit blunt. It doesn't flow well from beginning to end. If your writing tends to be in this form, use lots of bulleted text. In this format, brief works great. Further, there's no requirement for even complete sentences.

Subheadings ...

> Flow fromrepparttar 129939 headline

> Reveal a major benefit torepparttar 129940 reader

> Collectively describe page content

> Are often all your visitors sees when scanning

Bulletting allows brevity. And it makes it easy for your readers to follow. One thing I love about this format is that it adds more space torepparttar 129941 page. It helps to erase that sense of great black globs of text.

6) Edit and rewrite. Then do it again. And again.

Editing often lifts modest work to first rate. But to make this happen, think of this fundamental task as more than editing. Think of it as rewriting. Do so routinely, and your work will improve with every piece you write. Always seek ...

> A better word than one you have used, and a simpler one is best

> Try to replace several words with fewer

> Rewrite an entire sentence, even a paragraph, if you can find a way to make your point more clearly and/or briefly

Wrapping Up

You can beef up your writing just as you can improve any skill. All it takes is time. Inrepparttar 129942 above,repparttar 129943 need for rewriting part of your work isrepparttar 129944 item most often overlooked.

It's tough to impossible to keep all such ideas in mind as you seek to communicate your thoughts. One effective approach is to focus on one idea each time you begin writing.

If you seek to improve one aspect of your work in each writing session, then edit and rewrite, your work will constantly improve. Try it. And see for yourself.

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Supply-Side Freelance Writing

Written by Archie Sicat

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While you are regularly pitching, you also have to be surfingrepparttar Net as much as possible for opportunities. My daily surfing task entails checkingrepparttar 129929 status for my project bids at OnVia.com, Ants.com, and ELance.com once you set up a free account with these sites, you are regularly updated by email onrepparttar 129930 status ofrepparttar 129931 projects that you applied for. Imagine how much time you'll save with these tools!

You ought to keep surfing because you'll never know what turns up. My favorites are WriteforCash.com andrepparttar 129932 freelance job opportunities at DotcomMommies.com, HomeWorkers.org, and WritersWeekly.com. Remember that these opportunities are gone instantly, so apply fast. If you don't, most likely there'll be at least a hundred other writers ahead of you as a rule of thumb. It would also help to have a well-crafted form letter for this purpose but I don't recommend this approach for pitches.

Finally, establish a way of tracking your deadlines in your Filofax to maximize your billable hours. If, say, your target is to earn $2,000 every month from freelancing, you have to consider check cut off dates fromrepparttar 129933 websites you work for. WriteForCash.com, for example, paysrepparttar 129934 first week ofrepparttar 129935 next month afterrepparttar 129936 month that you completedrepparttar 129937 work and they also have a 30-article limit.

Makingrepparttar 129938 most of these constraints mean that if you're paid $20 for each ofrepparttar 129939 30 articles,repparttar 129940 most that you can earn in a month is $600 (i.e., 30 x $20/article)which means you still have $1,400 to worry about for your monthly freelancing. Also consider that you won't get your $600 check withinrepparttar 129941 month that your articles got accepted.

Here are more examples for anticipating your freelance income. If you write for WriteforCash.com it's not impossible to realize earnings of $400 per month if you write efficiently.

Always dorepparttar 129942 math and you can never go wrong. Never waste you time on non-revenue generating activities such as sites that either don't pay or pay very little unless you are doing this to help advertise your craft or you have extra time in your hands. If however, you can't find sites that will pay you $100 per article or higher during any given month, aim your guns towardsrepparttar 129943 small fry forrepparttar 129944 time being in order to cover your projected shortfall. You will notice that no month isrepparttar 129945 same as you obtain your earnings from many different sources, big and small.

Of course, it never hurts to have some regulars up your sleevesrepparttar 129946 likes of Sloot.com where I coverrepparttar 129947 telecommunications beat. Though I am not allowed to discuss my rate here per article, I must say it's a pretty good rate andrepparttar 129948 editor that I work with is so professional. Work on developing these contacts which will provide you with a regular income stream.

How to get these regulars? I must sayrepparttar 129949 strategy requires a combination of good old detective work (translation: surf a lot) coupled with effective niching, which is concentrating onrepparttar 129950 kind of writing that you do best (i.e., How To's; poetry; Children's books, etc.). You have more chances pitching for subject you are an expert at rather than a subject where you currently have zero knowledge.

Look carefully intorepparttar 129951 details of your pitch. Make your query letter look as professional as possible, which means you have to knowrepparttar 129952 name ofrepparttar 129953 editor; include your full contact information; and, make every effort to make your own voice come through (translation: your own style of writing, includingrepparttar 129954 way you would express yourself if you wroterepparttar 129955 article you are proposing).

Let me end with what I considerrepparttar 129956 most important tip in pitching. Do your homework; always look forrepparttar 129957 writer's submission guidelines found in nearly every site that needs help with their content. I learned thisrepparttar 129958 hard way. Plus, always read sample articles to familiarize you withrepparttar 129959 kind of content needed.

If you write regularly, you do reach that point where it feels like somebody is whispering yourepparttar 129960 words to write. But if you put a sense of strategy intorepparttar 129961 task, you may be hittingrepparttar 129962 beaches in Hawaii more often than you think!

Archie Sicat is a professional Internet content provider. He currently does webmastering for http://www.InternetMovieServer.com, http://www.CustomerServiceSchool.com and is connected with http://www.ezinfocenter.com/2854390.

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