6 Strong Reasons Why RSS Beats Email Marketing

Written by Mustafa Khundmiri

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4. Get Your Message Out In An Instant - Whenever you have something new to publish, all you have to do is update your already published feed and your message gets updated everywhere it’s subscribed. No more worrying if your subscribers got your message or not.

5. Never Get Accused of Spam - It’s very easy to get accused of sending unsolicited mail nowadays since people forget they even gave you their email address. RSS solves this problem completely, asrepparttar messages which you send out, will appear directly in your subscribers RSS reader. Sorepparttar 105301 question of contacting them illegally does not even arise.

6. Build Long Lasting Relationships - Not only RSS builds a strong relationship with your existing subscribers but also helps in attracting new potent subscribers who are interested in what you offer. People who subscribe to your feed want to receive content from you and hence, can be regarded as subscribers you can count on.

RSS can work like a charm for your business and help you gain thousands of quality subscribers and leads within a few weeks…

You just have to become a part ofrepparttar 105302 orange revolution!

Mustafa Khundmiri is the co-founder of http://www.rapidfeeds.com - A Free online service, which helps anyone, create, edit, publish and track RSS feeds online. Sign Up for your FREE account on his site and start publishing your own RSS feeds!

Is RSS Here to Stay or Gone Tomorrow?

Written by Kent Thompson

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There are tons of free RSS Readers now, so if you don't have one, do a simple Google search for RSS Reader and you should have no trouble finding one.

Allrepparttar visitor has to do is copyrepparttar 105299 little orange RSS icon link and paste it into their RSS Reader program. The RSS program will periodically downloadrepparttar 105300 RSS webpage and will displayrepparttar 105301 new headlines much like your email program will display your subject lines. If you like one ofrepparttar 105302 headlines, you can click on it and it will display a short description and a link torepparttar 105303 entire article. If you want to read more, clickrepparttar 105304 link and it will displayrepparttar 105305 actual full article onrepparttar 105306 website.

Here's why this is killer:

You can now be notified ofrepparttar 105307 new content or headlines posted to all your favorite websites without having to do very much work! Imagine putting twenty RSS Feeds into your reader and having it download allrepparttar 105308 content in a matter of seconds instead of having to surf to each site individually!

If you ask me, RSS is here to stay. Allrepparttar 105309 major sites support it like CNN, ESPN, Yahoo and Google, so that surely is a good sign! So go on and fire up Google and get yourself an RSS Reader. You will be glad you did...I sure was!

Feel free to reprint this article so long as you includerepparttar 105310 resource box listed withrepparttar 105311 article.

Kent Thompson is the creator of FeedMagic, a full-featured sequential autoresponder program that allows your subscribers to choose between Email or personalized RSS Feed for delivery. For more info, visit http://feedmagic.com/fm/?&req=link&tc=360d40

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