6 Steps to Prevent Mould in Your Bathroom

Written by Mark Davies

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5. Check For Leaks

A constant but small leak can lead to untold damage if left unchecked. Ensure all pipe-work is bone dry (especially around connections). Have a close look aroundrepparttar shower tray and bathtub to make sure that all ofrepparttar 135600 seals are still intact. Mould growing inrepparttar 135601 silicone seal itself usually (but not always) indicates that moisture has got behindrepparttar 135602 seal.

6. Install Surfaces That Do Not Harbour Mould

Ceramic tiles are commonplace in most bathrooms but are cold torepparttar 135603 touch, attracting condensation. Althoughrepparttar 135604 tiles are waterproofrepparttar 135605 grout used betweenrepparttar 135606 joints can retain moisture and lead to mould growth.

Plasterboard (drywall) ceilings and walls can suck in moisture if they come into contact with water, enabling mould to grow even ifrepparttar 135607 surface looks dry.

A modern alternative to these products is bathroom cladding. This is a form of waterproof wall panelling that is warm torepparttar 135608 touch, so condensation will not form on it. Bathroom cladding uses no grout - each panel slots intorepparttar 135609 next using a tongue and groove system - so there is nowhere to harbour moisture.

Following these steps should lead to a mould free bathroom.

Mark Davies is the owner of The Bathroom Marquee(http://www.bathroommarquee.co.uk), a UK based online store specialising in bathroom wall cladding, ceiling cladding and the Outasight concealed shower curtain system.


Written by Jack Overton

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1. Learn online:repparttar why’s and how’s of basement water problems. 2. Fortify yourself by knowingrepparttar 135569 over-sell’s andrepparttar 135570 gotcha closings ofrepparttar 135571 waterproofing professional salesman. 3. Choose a contractor who has been around longer thanrepparttar 135572 last big rain. 4. Get a sign-off fromrepparttar 135573 buyer thatrepparttar 135574 work done will be acceptable without any further obligation on your part. The buyers will rely on a good contractor’s guaranty.

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