6 Steps To Your Own Website

Written by Klaas Koopman

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5. Now if you have chosen to go for a free host, then please skip this step, cause you probably won’t be able to use it. A domain is needed for people to find your website. For example if you website is called BoatFish, then you could makerepparttar domain www.boatfish.com or www.boatfish.net, whatever you choose for. There are quite a large number of extensions you can go for. But I always suggest you go for a .com domain name. People tend to look for them more often than for a .net or any other extension.

6. The most important part of your website is your content. People stay or come back to your website because you have good content, or leave if you don´t. So please write up some good content for your site before launching it; this can cost you a lot of visitors. I can’t show you how to submit content, or what kind of content you should be submitting, this is something you should look into yourself.

7. Now you got everything you need to get your site online. And still you are not done at all. You can site around and wait for people to come to your website, but not many will. That’s why advertising will be your best bet to go for. You can link exchange and/or go for SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a great way to get many hits towards your website. I do not have any websites that haven’t been optimized for search engines, because I know seo’ing brings in many visitors, and customers. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, which means that it will try to rank you as high as possible at search engines. If some one searches for a keyword regarding your website they will see your site and click on it. This is seriously a great way to get many, many visitors.

8. Now your site is done and you can keep submitting content to your site, to keep visitors coming back. Good luck! And let me know if this helped you in any way.

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Achieve a better website by avoiding these 10 basic mistakes

Written by Matt Eliason

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5.Not using formatting to make pages easier to read An important aspect ofrepparttar web that many people do not realise isrepparttar 131619 we read computer screens differently than we read text on paper. On screen people scan more than read. This means that your text needs to be formatted in such a way that a visitor can scan your page and gain a reasonably clear understanding of what you want to say. It allows people to move quickly torepparttar 131620 section of text that hasrepparttar 131621 information they want to read every word of. So be sure to use headings, sub-headings, bold and italic text and bullet points. As a rule of thumb, makerepparttar 131622 text on a web page 40% shorter than paper-based equivalents.

6.Talking torepparttar 131623 masses, notrepparttar 131624 individual While your website may be seen by hundreds or thousands of people every day, an important, yet commonly overlooked factor, is that your website is seen by that many individuals. They are not there as a mass, but are singular entities (even if simultaneously) who need to be regarded as an individual.

7.Being self centred Website visitors are interested in what is in it for them, not what you can do. Saying “We haverepparttar 131625 largest team of technicians inrepparttar 131626 city” does no-one any favours. But saying “You will receive fast, professional service from our team of qualified technicians” is better. As a consumer I don’t care how big your team is, I just want my equipment fixed quickly by someone who knows what they’re doing.

8.Inconsistencies I shudder when visiting a site and when I go torepparttar 131627 second page ofrepparttar 131628 site everything aboutrepparttar 131629 page is different – colour, text style. It’s even worse when I get to a third page and it is different again… It makesrepparttar 131630 task of building a website much easier if you settle on a template and add content torepparttar 131631 template. This shows a higher degree of professionalism (or less amateurishness). Also on any page, use no more than 2 font styles.

9.Tenses ”We believe that we can best meet your needs”…..”I have three years experience” The switch from I to we is very common. Also beware of could, can, should.

10.Pages too wide forrepparttar 131632 screen Test it – 30% of people still use 800x600 screen resolutions. Use design tricks to enable pages to adjust to variable screen widths. Even worse is when pages don’t fit any resolution properly, and require just a small sideways scroll, but often enough to be required to readrepparttar 131633 text ofrepparttar 131634 page.

These are all common mistakes that are easily fixed and ones that will help in building credibility and greater visitor satisfaction.

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