6 Shared Factors of Successful Executives

Written by Jason Katzenback

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3. Enthusiasm, Industry, Persistence, Sin­cerity, and Self-Confidence: I know a man who spent a year trying to collect money to pub­lish certain literature to be distributed amongrepparttar boys inrepparttar 142101 trenches. He wished to convincerepparttar 142102 soldiers that they should worshiprepparttar 142103 Lord on Saturday instead of Sunday. He was enthusiastic, persistent, sincere, earnest, and self-confident. He was not a success.

4. Concentration, Determination, Honesty: There is a certain man who concentrates so intently on his work that he often forgets to eat and sleep; he's determined to win, and he is absolutely honest. He has been working seven years to invent a shirt which will not wear out, and which need not be washed. His honesty, concentration, and determination have not made him success­ful. He is in an asylum in Pennsylvania.

5. Memory, Self-Control, Tact, and Patience: I know a man who remembersrepparttar 142104 names of hundreds of people; he never confuses one with another. He has self-control, tact, and infinite patience. He has not succeeded greatly. He isrepparttar 142105 footman who opensrepparttar 142106 doors ofrepparttar 142107 limousines ofrepparttar 142108 women who shop at a certain department store.

6. Imagination: I know of a girl, who for ten years ran a machine in a shoe factory. When I once questioned her of what she thought each day during her work, she re­plied, " Oh, I just startrepparttar 142109 machine a-goin' and then I imagine I'm one of them duch­esses I read about inrepparttar 142110 novels.'' Since many character factors are helpful assets, but notrepparttar 142111 determining factors, what arerepparttar 142112 personal factors which make success certain?

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Pushing Through Your Comfort Zone

Written by Barbara White

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Fear does not feel comfortable, and many people want to avoid it at all costs. Everyone experiences fear. People who want to be successful feelrepparttar fear and do it anyway! Fear is part ofrepparttar 142100 package. Yes, there is always a risk of failure, but that needs to balanced withrepparttar 142101 old adage “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”. A child’s risk of falling when taking those first faltering steps is high. Yet, what a transformation to a child’s life once they have masteredrepparttar 142102 skill of walking! Limitless possibilities are opened up inrepparttar 142103 child’s life. The falls and tumbles are soon forgotten overshadowed byrepparttar 142104 new adventures and experiences. Pushing through to leave your comfort zone is hard work. Nature demonstrates that graphically for us. The chick pecking it’s way out ofrepparttar 142105 shell,repparttar 142106 butterfly struggling from it’s cocoon, illustrate how that struggle is necessary in order to bring life, growth and success. The good news is that once we have faced our fears and done it anyway, we have moved forward to a new place. Every time we push through and live out of our comfort zone we will never berepparttar 142107 same. Growth happens!

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. US Supreme Court Justice, once said “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”

I believe this is true of not only our mind, but also of who we are as unique people. Life moves into a new dimension through each experience we go through in life. However there is alsorepparttar 142108 possibility that once we have pushed through our comfort zone into a new place of growth, we rest too long there, and create a different comfort zone! Let’s keep pushing through and moving forward towards growing our uniqueness and living our life fully.

Barbara White, of Beyond Better Development,speaks and writes with passion to inspire and empower people in their journey of personal growth towards the excellence in life that they aspire to. This article was written for her newsletter Growing Beyond Better. If you would like to receive Growing Beyond Better regularly, you can subscribe for this free newsletter at Barbara's website www.livingbeyondbetter.com

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