6 Reasons Why Your Not Making Money Online

Written by Daegan Smith

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5.Do you know how to market to your market?

This is where many fail. They think if they have a website and they have traffic then magically they should be making money. That's notrepparttar case at all. You have to now how to offer your product or service to your market in such a way that they take notice and see value in what you offer. Your unique selling position must be compelling to your prospects.

6.Do you follow up with your prospects?

Do you have way to follow up with your prospects? If you don't have a method of follow up then you're really missingrepparttar 134960 boat. Most ofrepparttar 134961 money that you make in any business is made inrepparttar 134962 follow up. If you don't currently follow up with your prospects do it.


If you can answer yes torepparttar 134963 questions above then you're probably making money in your online business. If not, find out where you're weak and improve. When you can answer yes to all ofrepparttar 134964 questions above then you will be making online I promise.

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Top Ten Promotion Checklist for Business Success

Written by Judy Cullins

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_____7. Create and send your own ezine that fufills your staying in touch with potential clients to gain their trust. Most will buy after seven or so exposures because they want what you offer.

_____8. Write a short print or eBook to brand your business and attract new clients. Make yourself known asrepparttar savvy expert in your field.

_____9. Exchange your rough drafts of promotion materials and talks with a group of similar interest professtionals before you give torepparttar 134909 world. Simple mistakes cost you time, money, and reputation.

_____10. Practice Three High Level Activities (HLA) each day to get your business torepparttar 134910 top. When you make "you" one of your top three priorites, you will love your audience's participation in your business.

Take action on any of these marketing/promotion ideas to uplevel your business. Contact a coach who knows promotion and practices these publicity ideas for an abundance of clients each month.

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