6 Key Elements to Leadership

Written by Steve Simard

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4- Collaboration

The more successful people there will be in your team,repparttar more success YOU will have but... BE CAREFUL.... As your member gets bigger and bigger, make sure they treat their downline with respect. Never let your people by themselves. Always bring them to their best. Be sure you make that statement duplicatable otherwise your downline will stop growing at some point making you lose maybe thousands of dollars. Make surerepparttar 122529 heavy-hitters of your team know about this.

5- Competition

Drive your team towards excellence. Be sure your team understandrepparttar 122530 different levels in your company. Diamond level, group leader level, director level, presidential level.... whatever your company name it. You've got to driverepparttar 122531 member of your team towards their next level. Let your team knowrepparttar 122532 success of everyone. As soon as someone reach his own next level. Announce it to your team. This will favourrepparttar 122533 developpement of your group.

6- Contribution

This isrepparttar 122534 guard angel ofrepparttar 122535 team spirit. If allrepparttar 122536 members of your team contribute to bringrepparttar 122537 best out of themself you will lead a group that has very good potential to hit hard....as a team. Every members must contribute in some ways. If they don't work their business, they will not make money and you won't make money. Help them build their business.

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Outdated Copyright Date & Information = Outdated Sales & Customers!

Written by Matthew Janowski

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Onrepparttar other side ofrepparttar 122528 coin, if you’re a webmaster or own your own web site, update your copyright today! Even if you don’t updaterepparttar 122529 information on your site every other day, atrepparttar 122530 very least, keep you copyright date current.

An even better way to present your copyright is to show a time period. For example: if your site was established in 1998 present your copyright like this: copyright 1998-2004.

You should be proud ofrepparttar 122531 fact you’ve been in business for six years! This shows longevity and builds your credibility to potential clients.

Nothing bothers me more than wasting time on a site that keeps me guessing aboutrepparttar 122532 dated content. Your site should scream “I’m up to date, read me!!”

I love internet marketing and strive to provide my clients with strong, up-to-date products or affiliate programs.

So if you’re looking for programs or products online, checkrepparttar 122533 copyright date first! If your selling products or services keep your site’s copyright updated!

Happy marketing to everyone and best of luck in all your endeavors!

Matt Janowski is a graphic designer and website designer. Creating Online Network Marketing sites for clients is his specialty. www.greenbushmarketinggroup.com

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