6 Great Ways to Enjoy Your Low Carb Diet

Written by Sylvie Charrier

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4.Make It Green and Leafy

Make boring a thing ofrepparttar past as you fill your repast with green leafy salads topped with all kinds of low carb treats! Turn your side salad intorepparttar 131290 main dish by adding any ofrepparttar 131291 following in real or veggie versions: chicken, crab meat, shrimp, tuna, or turkey. Color your garden delights with any kind of cheese and top withrepparttar 131292 perfect crunch of non-starchy vegetables, including alfalfa sprouts, chives, mushrooms, radishes, and snow peas.

5.Have a Snack Attack

Whenrepparttar 131293 idea of having a steak for dinner just isn't enough to get you throughrepparttar 131294 afternoon, it's time you had a snack attack. Fill up on low carb snacks to give your tummy something to smile about. For something nutty, try small portions of macadamia nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, or walnuts. For something cheesy, there's nothing more fun than playing with (and eating) string cheese. Or, forrepparttar 131295 ultimate treat, make a super smoothie. Make a smoothie by mixing your favorite low carb protein powder in water, or soy milk with your favorite berries and a pinch of SplendaŽ.

6.Low Carb Doesn't Mean No Carb

When nothing else is helping you get over your low carb blues, remember this: Low carb doesn't mean no carb. Your job is to rid your diet of refined and processed carbohydrates and replace them withrepparttar 131296 good stuff: whole grains, vegetables, nuts, and fruits high in nutrients and fiber. When you realize that you don't have to go carb-free to let go ofrepparttar 131297 pounds, you'll stop waiting and begin enjoying allrepparttar 131298 foods that are available to you on your low carb diet!

Sylvie Charrier is the author of the revolutionary new book "Living La Vida Low Carb: The Vegetarian Way". As a busy work-at-home mom, she discovered simple ways to get more results from her low carb diet. She shares her recipe makeovers and health tips on her website http://www.VegetarianLowCarb.com/Enjoy-Your-Low-Carb-Diet.html

On-line Weight Watchers diet helper for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and mobile phones

Written by Laura Ciocan

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The application has already gained huge popularity. Over 400,000 buyers have downloadedrepparttar application from a popular Web site selling cell-phone applications.

Asrepparttar 131288 popularity of low-carb diets has lost ground throughout 2004 and sales have dropped,repparttar 131289 company behindrepparttar 131290 Atkins Diet is planning to launch a similar product for mobile phones and handheld computers onrepparttar 131291 market.

The product, available atrepparttar 131292 beginning of 2005, will be so affordable that it will be withinrepparttar 131293 reach of any dieter. The application is a carbohydrate counter to help dieters trackrepparttar 131294 carbohydrate contents of foods, as well as their own daily carb intake.

The application is a further step withinrepparttar 131295 firm's marketing policy of finding new market segments forrepparttar 131296 product --repparttar 131297 Atkins diet -- by diversifyingrepparttar 131298 means of popularizing it. In this way it also diversifiesrepparttar 131299 target audience. An Atkins diet DVD was put onrepparttar 131300 market and sold duringrepparttar 131301 2004-2005 holiday season.

Laura Ciocan writes for http://www.dietsindex.com where you can find more information about the most popular diets and diet aids.

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