6 Easy Time Tips

Written by Susan W. Miller

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1. Ask yourself 'where would I look for this?' rather than 'where should I put this? when storing paper, possessions, or electronic files. The 'putting' part is easy. Finding things quickly and effortlessly is what saves you time.

2. Carry a folder of articles with you. This makes good use of small amounts of time otherwise spent waiting, while making a dent into your reading pile.

3. Create a mini-agenda for phone conversations. A planned call averages seven minutes. An unplanned call averages ten minutes. It is easy to see how you can maximize your phone time.

4. Set a time limit on your involvement in a task. The task will seem less boring or overwhelming if you know you will stop at a certain time.

5. Make notes to yourself for details that come up while sorting any pile. You can then address those notes one at a time later withrepparttar attention each deserves.

6. Use a spiral notebook to capture random ideas, to-do lists, and notes of phone conversations. The notebook creates reliability and consistency for storing information and is far superior torepparttar 131087 back of an envelope.

Any ONE of these tips can redeposit considerable amounts of time back intorepparttar 131088 bank of Your Life, to spend in ways that are more pleasurable and satisfying for you. It's your choice.

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Susan W. Miller, President of Home Oasis International, a Denver-based company selling organizing products and services through home parties and online. She is the author of the “PRO NOTEBOOK” a Personal Resource Organizer, a life-planning tool to gain control over your personal and financial records. Home Oasis International professionals are available to speak to your group. 1-800-681-8681, http://www.HomeOasisInternational.com

Pure Truth About ‘All Natural’ Products & Other Beauty Myths

Written by Deanna Ferber

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Myth: Buying Beauty Products Is a Gamble

Pure Truth: If you want to avoid buying products that simply don’t work, being an educated consumer is your best bet. Forrepparttar best information on cosmetics ingredients inrepparttar 131085 US, go torepparttar 131086 http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/cos-prd.html,repparttar 131087 FDA site. This site also has information on labeling & label claims.

There are also several websites with product reviews, done by independent consumers, just like you. The best sites will postrepparttar 131088 reviewers’ information, so you can get an idea ifrepparttar 131089 reviewer’s skin type, age etc. is similar to your own. Two review sites are http://www.cosmeticconnection.com and http://www.emakemeup.com/reviewboard/cgi-bin/main.cgi. You may also tryrepparttar 131090 various message boards devoted to beauty. These boards are a great place to get information on new products or companies before you buy. And reputable companies will allow exchanges and refunds. Ifrepparttar 131091 company you are considering doesn’t, look for another... Inrepparttar 131092 competitive beauty game, you can always find a company that is more like to cover your bet.

Deanna Ferber is President of GlamKitty, a cosmetics and skin care company dedicated to helping Busy Women with 9 Lives find their own Tabby Chic (tm). Take a ’paws’ in your day at http://glamkitty-beauty.com

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