6 Dating Tips from Ughh the Caveman

Written by Richard Stooker

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The woman and her cubs get meat andrepparttar hunting woman gets a hunting ground for her tongue as well as her food cooked and her skins sewn.

The same is true of a man left alone with cubs when there're no available women inrepparttar 118294 tribe. A she-boy can warm his skins with her hole, watch overrepparttar 118295 cubs and cook for him. In return for her share ofrepparttar 118296 mammoth steaks.

The Elders noticed thatrepparttar 118297 Gods do not plant new cubs inrepparttar 118298 bellies ofrepparttar 118299 women. Therefore forrepparttar 118300 future ofrepparttar 118301 tribe it is best for young girls and oys to warm each other and leave she-boys and he-girls alone until necessary.

4. I'm a 38 year old successful professional woman. I have had numerous relationships but so far no luck getting married or having kids.

Men are selfish animals. They don't want to have a serious committed relationship. They want to lay you then cheat on you.

How can I find my soulmate?


An enemy put a horrible curse on you when you were still very small, because you are quite obviouslyrepparttar 118302 vicious kind of woman who tells men what you do not like about them. You eatrepparttar 118303 meat they give you and then refuse their spears. They leave you with their hearts, bellies and spears still hungry. You smell like a dead animal but nobody can findrepparttar 118304 decaying corpse.

You must consult your local shaman and pay him many furs to travel throughrepparttar 118305 spirit world to take this curse from you.

5. Question:

I've been living with my boyfriend for 16 years and we have three children together. Our parents are asking when we'll get married but neither one of us is sure we're ready for committment. How do we tell them to mind their own business, that marriage is just a piece of paper?


When a boy shares a hide with a girl it is his responsibility to feed her andrepparttar 118306 cubsrepparttar 118307 winds ofrepparttar 118308 gods plant in her belly. As long as he feeds her,repparttar 118309 girl must open her inner cave to his spear whenever he wants, except of course when her moon blood flows. She must also cookrepparttar 118310 meat he brings home and patch skins into lothes.

What is a piece of paper?

6. Question:

My lover just cheated on me. Should I dump them?


As long as a man keeps his woman's belly and inner cave full, she will not want to lie underneath another man. But if a man is lazy and does not feed his woman, he cannot blame her for looking for meat to satisfy her hunger.

A strong hunter can have as many women as are available. But when his eye dims and his arm is no longer strong enough to bring down 5 rabbitts or squirrels a day, he must expect his second and third wives to seek younger and stronger men.

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Lighten Up At Work

Written by Virginia Reeves

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Have you ever wondered what those adjectives on job performance evaluations mean? What follows are some enlightening definitions.

Quick thinking: offers plausible excuses for mistakes Takes pride in his work: conceited Tactful in dealing with superiors: knows when to keep his mouth shut A keen analyst: thoroughly confused Meticulous in attention to detail: a nit picker Strong adherence to principles: stubborn Demonstrates qualities of leadership: has a loud voice Approaches difficult problems with logic: finds someone else to dorepparttar job


Keep personal anecdotes that are funny or embarrassing that happened to you and use them to illustrate a point. This makes you real and builds rapport. Make sure they are relevant to your message. Use humor to make or enhance a point.

Create a humor file of cartoons, quotes, photographs, postcards, jokes - anything you think is funny. Save them for meetings or presentations. You can even open uprepparttar 118293 file when you need to cheer up yourself!

Think ofrepparttar 118294 most bizarre or weird things that might happen if you followed a certain course. Some brainstorming sessions have reaped a real treat when they ended up coming up withrepparttar 118295 best solution when they were being "silly" because they stepped out of "reality" and let their creativity and imagination take over.

If you have a hard time being witty on your own - use a prop. Visual aids help people rememberrepparttar 118296 message andrepparttar 118297 speaker.

Humor can focusrepparttar 118298 group, remove tension fromrepparttar 118299 room and be very healing torepparttar 118300 soul. A whimsical anecdote can set up or amplify a subject matter. A good story is also an opportunity to build rapport and set up a "sameness" between you and your audience.

Steve Allen said "Nothing is funnier thanrepparttar 118301 everyday humor of reality". During a boring or frustrating meeting, while on hold onrepparttar 118302 phone, or while standing atrepparttar 118303 copy machine - think about situations that had you shaking your head in disbelief or amusement and let those memories bring a smile to your face.

If these ideas haven't provided you with some delightful diversions for your work space or work place, then I don't know what we can do but track you down and find your tickle spots! Bring some silly intorepparttar 118304 serious and see how much more quickly and easilyrepparttar 118305 day goes by. Rememberrepparttar 118306 old saying: All work and no play make Jack (or Jill or anybody else) a dull person. Let your outer and inner dimples show - it's healthy for your body, mind, and soul!

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