600,000 subscriptions at $12.00 each!

Written by Michael J. McGroarty

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Part of their success was due to a partnership with a marketing expert, butrepparttar point that I am trying to make is that 600,000 people handed over their hard earned money to subscribe to this little newsletter.

This was long beforerepparttar 124365 power ofrepparttar 124366 internet could be used to match up buyers and sellers. Today, it's so much easier to reach people in any given market.

Things change, but human nature staysrepparttar 124367 same. The same basic desire that drove those people to subscribe to that newsletter back then is still alive and well today, and it is waiting to be tapped by you or some other enterprising mind. Can you think of a product that you can create and sell like crazy that will appeal to this market? There have to be dozens of options.

The numbers alone should really make you think. What other subject could attract those kinds of numbers? Actually there are many. Pick one and dorepparttar 124368 research.

That'srepparttar 124369 beauty ofrepparttar 124370 internet, you can actually see how much of an interest there is in a subject before you expend a lot of time and energy.

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The Almost Complete Ezine Promotion List

Written by Kurt Geer

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10 Ad Swap lists and websites: http://globeclubs.theglobe.com/clubs/adswappers http://www.bizpromo.com/ezinetrades.htm http://www.businessstructure.com/ezineadswap.htm http://www.freezineweb.com/ad-swaps1.html mailto:AdSwapsforYou-subscribe@yahoogroups.com mailto:Ezine-Ad-Swaps-subscribe@topica.com mailto:ezineadexchange-subscribe@topica.com mailto:EzineAdSwap-subscribe@topica.com mailto:LB-Ad_Swaps-subscribe@yahoogroups.com mailto:swap_ads-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

9 Article Submission eZines and websites: http://www.EzAdSuccess.com http://www.MakingProfit.com http://www.marketing-seek.com/ mailto:aabusiness-subscribe@yahoogroups.com mailto:article_announce-subscribe@yahoogroups.com mailto:articles_archives-subscribe@yahoogroups.com mailto:Free-Content-subscribe@yahoogroups.com mailto:join-EzineArticles@ezinearticles.com mailto:PublishInYours-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

One last thing! If you findrepparttar task of promoting your list by hand to be too intimidating and time consuming, you can streamline your ezine promotions with a new software that has a 15 day trial period, and will instantly access over 900 resources at: http://www.NewbiesNet.com/eZineAnnouncer.htm

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