5 steps to winning the affiliate game

Written by Terry Telford

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Offer them a bonus that they don't get from other affiliates or fromrepparttar company sellingrepparttar 102549 product. Makerepparttar 102550 bonus something unique to your site. Give away an exclusive eBook, an electronic coupon for another product, or a FREE entry into a bonus draw. Give anything that has a value and will put you ahead of other affiliates.

4. Follow up with your prospects and customers. Statistics show that it takes between 5 and 7 contacts before a prospect becomes a customer. Ask your website visitors to sign up for your ezine, fill out a survey, or register for a freebie. Once you've captured their name and address, you can contact them with different sales material promoting your affiliate product.

5. Write your own promotional material. Using your own fresh ads and website copy puts you ahead of other affiliates.

The majority of affiliates use pre-written ads, supplied by repparttar 102551 company. Have you looked inrepparttar 102552 classified section of any ofrepparttar 102553 major eZines or classified sites? You seerepparttar 102554 same ads again and again with a different URL. Stand out by being different.

Affiliate marketing can be very profitable, if you know how to stay ahead ofrepparttar 102555 crowd. Dare to be different, give it a shot and surprise yourself with your results.

Good luck with all your marketing and God Bless.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Start with Affiliate Programs

Written by David McKenzie

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5. You do not have any ‘time lag’. With most businesses it takes a certain amount of time inrepparttar ‘start up’ phase. With affiliate programs there is no such thing. Once you join you can start selling.

6. You do not have to worry about sales administration and technical support. The product owner takes care ofrepparttar 102548 sales process and allrepparttar 102549 after sales service. All you have to worry about is receiving your affiliate check!

7. You do not have to worry about direct contact withrepparttar 102550 customer. In an affiliate program you are a re-seller so ifrepparttar 102551 customer has a complaint they contactrepparttar 102552 product owner, not you.

Affiliate programs are simple to join, easy to start promoting and best of all they have no downside. If one affiliate program does not work out, you can leave and join a different one.

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