5 good reasons why you may need to change your web host now, before it is too late

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3)Can you afford long downtime on your site You may find that your site goes down far too frequently. This could be as a result of your host gaining many more clients than their resources can support. Your site could also be taking too long to open. There are a host of other technical problems associated with your web host that could cause these.

A situation like this would mean that valuable traffic is lost forever and would be cause enough for you to change hosts to a more efficient and reliable organization.

4)If you are using a free site, you're not in serious business If you are currently using a free site, then it is imperative that you change to a paid site as soon as possible. A free site is more expensive than most can afford. A poor image and lack of credibility will mean that few people will dare buy from you. Some search engines also do not index free-hosted sites, which would impact on your traffic since search engines arerepparttar chief method of receiving traffic.

5)You will need a blog which is a challenge to most web hosts Blogs are rapidly becoming an important part of any online presence. Blogs usually put a heavy demand on networks and servers because of their nature. For example they require capabilities for rapid content updates and heavy traffic. Webmasters will need to be especially sure that their host's network is scalable enough to handlerepparttar 134334 load.

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Changing to a New Host? No More Worries!

Written by Priyanka Agarwal

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To transfer domain name service to a new host identify registrar using "WHOis" lookup http://domreg-m6.net/domains/WHois.asp, verify registration of your domain name, identifyrepparttar name server information forrepparttar 134333 host your are transferring to, and make changes inrepparttar 134334 DNS information atrepparttar 134335 registrar. During this DNS transition period new DNS information has to be propagated throughoutrepparttar 134336 world's DNS servers. This propagation might take 2-4 days as an International root name server will firstly have to check allrepparttar 134337 various Domain registrars for updates, and then every ISP provider will update their DNS setting to showrepparttar 134338 new changes. Not only this, even Internet, i.e. Internet routers and caching engines have to update/clear its DNS cache as well. During this propagation period, you keep your old site running so thatrepparttar 134339 visitors whose ISP provider haven't updated can still visit your website.

It's advisable that you don't cancel your old hosting service duringrepparttar 134340 transition period, as you will need to check your mail from bothrepparttar 134341 hosting providers, as some will direct e-mail to your old server whereas other Internet regions will send mail to your new server. After one or two weeks you can annulrepparttar 134342 account with your old host.

Onrepparttar 134343 very first notion it sounds like a painful task to find a new web host and make allrepparttar 134344 necessary changes, but withrepparttar 134345 steps known, people like John will not find this procedure problematic. With so many automation software packages available, it has now become easier to switch over your web site from old host to new host. If both hosting providers haverepparttar 134346 same operation system platform,repparttar 134347 procedure will become even simpler. But remember,repparttar 134348 most important task inrepparttar 134349 whole host-changing scenario is to find a host that meets your requirements so that you don't have to go through this entire procedure again inrepparttar 134350 future.

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