"5 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Resume in 10 Minutes

Written by Vincent Czaplyski

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* Don't include every single position you've ever held.

Your resume is a document designed to land you an interview, followed by a job offer. There will be times when omitting a position - especially if it has no relevance torepparttar position you are seeking, may be in your best interest. This is easy to do where omitting short term positions or special projects conducted as part of an ongoing job assignment will not create an obvious "hole" in your background that you will need to explain.

(There are ways to avoid making an employer suspicious of resume rough spots, like gaps in experience or experience that lacks relevance torepparttar 135193 position you are seeking. A professional resume writer can offer you specific advice on ways to do so, considering your unique background.)

* Spell check.

When you're finished improving your resume, run a final spell check. Your word processor's spell checker probably won't contain allrepparttar 135194 acronyms and specialized industry jargon that your resume likely contains. In that case, takerepparttar 135195 time to manually check each flagged item to make sure your resume is spelling error-free.

Follow these five easy tips for a better resume, fast!

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Travel Light to Work

Written by Nan S. Russell

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A little while later another man stopped and approachedrepparttar woman. Again she was asked whatrepparttar 135173 townspeople were like and again she askedrepparttar 135174 traveler what his experience had been where he lived before. "Oh,repparttar 135175 people were great. Everyone was helpful and supportive a real community." "You'll find peoplerepparttar 135176 same way here," she said.

People who are winning at working are like that second traveler. They know in work (and life) you tend to get what you expect. And if they're encumbered with emotional baggage and poor expectations, they get poor results. Instead, they follow advice like Deepak Chopra's, "Always expectrepparttar 135177 best and you'll see thatrepparttar 135178 outcome is spontaneously contained inrepparttar 135179 expectation."

People who are winning at working are one suitcase people. Like a seasoned world traveler, they've learned what essentials to pack. They bring to work only those skills and experiences that will positively impact their work and future. They leaverepparttar 135180 rest of their baggage behind. Want to be winning at working? Travel light.

(c) 2005 Nan S. Russell. All rights reserved.

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