5 Ways a Book Review can Increase Your Sales

Written by Kathy Burns

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4. Impulse Buyers -- Reviews that are found through simple browsing, reading and word of mouth can generate instant impulse purchases. If repparttar reader likes what they've read inrepparttar 129372 review, they are more likely to click through torepparttar 129373 purchase site and buy it immediately.

5. Greater Credibility -- Testimonials from satisfied customers help to increase sales, and objective reviews workrepparttar 129374 exact same way. A well-written review however, will explain bothrepparttar 129375 strengths and weaknesses of your book -- this makesrepparttar 129376 readers trustrepparttar 129377 review more!

Testimonials *always* say great things. You've heardrepparttar 129378 saying "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is"? This can berepparttar 129379 case with testimonials... they risk makingrepparttar 129380 book sound *too* good. And how is a reader to know whether those testimonials didn't actually come from a friend? A review is more objective and thusrepparttar 129381 readers are likely to feel more informed. This makes them more comfortable with purchasingrepparttar 129382 book.

So, no matter what kind of book you have: Print on Demand, Electronic, Self-Published; Get it reviewed and use that review to start increasing your book sales.

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Introduce Yourself to Local Markets

Written by Kay Bolden

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4. Introduce yourself! Write a short but powerful letter of introduction to each potential market, personalizing each letter withrepparttar editor's correct name and title. This one has worked for me:

Smiley Face News

Anytown, USA

Dear Editor -

I am a freelance writer in Anytown, specializing in travel and in parenting issues. My work has been published in numerous print and online publications, including ABC and XYZ. As you can see from my clips, I have covered a wide range of local and regional topics. Additional samples are available on my professional website, www.myname.com.

I am currently available to work on a variety of assignments, including feature stories, guest columns, interviews and round-ups of regional events. I believe my experience and abilities are well- suited to your publication.

I look forward to discussing your current needs! May I contact you duringrepparttar 129370 next week to propose a few articles? If you have any questions, or need more information, I can be reached at 111-222- 3344.


Writer With A Purpose

5. Make those calls! Be charming, professional and brief. Have a few ideas to toss out. Make an appointment, take your relevant clips and figure out how you can help this newspaper or mag better serve its readers this year.

A final note: do your best work and meet your deadlines. One happy editor leads to another, and another, and another ...

Kay Bolden publishes FamilyFest Newsletter, a free online magazine for families of all shapes and sizes, and is the author of Think Outside the Minivan: A Guide to Travel with Kids, available at http://www.kaybolden.com. She earns vacation money by writing for weekly newspapers and travel agencies.

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