5 Ways To Determine Your Aging Loved Ones’ Living Status

Written by Gina Saxton, RN

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As a result of assisting hundreds of families throughoutrepparttar Lorain and Cuyahoga County area during this difficult process, here is some advice based onrepparttar 132434 experiences we encounter every day while working with these families. Below arerepparttar 132435 next steps that you and your family should follow:

1.Discussrepparttar 132436 situation withrepparttar 132437 individual - Don’t be afraid to ask or talk to your aging family members. Often seniors will not tell you if they are having trouble unless you ask. It is important to reassure seniors about your questions. They do not want to lose their independence and are afraid of being moved out of their home into a strange environment. Let them know about other care alternatives before you ask questions such as: Are you having trouble walking? Have you fallen? Do you have trouble driving at night?

2.Make a doctor’s appointment forrepparttar 132438 individual – Be sure and makerepparttar 132439 appointment when you, another family member or someone else can relayrepparttar 132440 concerns directly torepparttar 132441 doctor. Sometimes these warning signs can be a direct result of outdated medication or perhaps a dosage that needs to be changed.

3.Determine what services are available in your community – Talk with your local social service agencies or community organizations such as Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging. It’s important to weigh all of your options when it comes to providingrepparttar 132442 best care for your family member.

4.Make minor adjustments in their lifestyle – It may be necessary to bring in outside help to provide companionship and to assist with daily activities such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, trips to their doctor’s appointments, etc. These precautions and changes can be done while allowing your loved one to stay inrepparttar 132443 comfort of their own home. But be cautious about hiring independent caregivers – you or your parent will be responsible for paying payroll taxes, worker’s compensation insurance, as well as screening and hiringrepparttar 132444 caregiver. Many reputable companies now exist that carefully screen their caregivers, handle all ofrepparttar 132445 employment issues, provide on-going training, as well as taking care of bonding and insurance.

5.Use this time to plan ahead for unforeseen events – This is good advice for everyone, not just seniors! Take this time to establish advanced directives including establishing a power of attorney, will, living will, etc. There is no such thing as being too prepared.

Remember,repparttar 132446 holiday season is a time for family, togetherness and establishing lifelong memories. By takingrepparttar 132447 time to address these issues before they reachrepparttar 132448 crisis stage, your family will haverepparttar 132449 much-needed sense of security, comfort and hopefullyrepparttar 132450 ability to create new memories with your aging loved ones for many years to come!

Comfort Keepers can provide guidance and assistance to families throughoutrepparttar 132451 Lorain and Cuyahoga County area. Comfort Keepers offers companionship and other non-medical services for aging adults, new mothers and others needing assistance. In-home services include personal care services, companionship, meal preparation, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, transportation and more. Comfort Keepers does not utilize independent contractors. All caregivers are hired employees who are carefully screened, bonded and insured. If you are in need of assistance or are interested in learning more about Comfort Keepers, please call (440) 734-1111 or (440) 934-7575 or visit www.comfortkeepers.com.

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Gina is co-owner of Comfort Keepers in Cleveland Ohio and can be reached at 440-934-7575

The Human-Animal Connection: A Guide for Non-Pet Owners

Written by M.L. Scott

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Other instances of neglect are simply out of control and more serious indicators of abuse whether or not they are unintentional. Emma Regina Harter kept more than 230 Chihuahuas and 60 birds at her Antelope Valley home. She was convicted of felony animal cruelty. Animal control officers found these poor animals living in filthy conditions on her California ranch. Over 20 ofrepparttar dogs were already dead and 14 of them were "so severely medically impaired" that they were euthanized, according torepparttar 132432 Deputy District Attorney. Her crime carries a potential sentence of 5-1/2 years.

Intentional cruelty such as violence or torture against animals is a likely indication of a serious disorder and a predictor of such behavior against humans. In fact, many serial killers such as Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer spent their childhoods torturing animals. Ted Bundy mutilated animals as a child before killing dozens of women. Jeffrey Dahmer killed neighborhood pets, nailed frogs on trees and impaledrepparttar 132433 heads of dogs on sticks.

Animal abusers come young and they come old. Harter, also referred to asrepparttar 132434 “Granny Animal Abuser” was 72 years old atrepparttar 132435 time of her conviction. Margaret Mead, renowned anthropologist, remarked that "one ofrepparttar 132436 most dangerous things that can happen to a child is to kill or torture an animal and get away with it." Instilling compassionate values and empathy, particularly in children, seems to be a means of countering potential animal abuse and ultimately such abuse in adults. Project Pooch is a good example of this effort. Project Pooch pairs selected juvenile offenders incarcerated atrepparttar 132437 Oregon Youth Authority's MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility with rescued dogs from animal shelters. Their program trainsrepparttar 132438 youths to obedience train and preparerepparttar 132439 dogs for adoption. “By managing their dogs, students learn how to manage their own behavior. They also earn school credits, develop good work habits, and acquire valuable occupational skills.” Project Pooch may be found at http://www.pooch.org . .

Long considered mere banter among animal enthusiasts, animal cruelty is fortunately taken much more seriously nowadays among lawmakers, public health and law enforcement officials. Several states give judges discretionary authority to order animal abusers to undergo psychiatric counseling. Bills in various states reflect numerous measures to prevent acts of animal abuse and include actions that advocate such matters as cross-reporting among child protection professionals and animal control officers; banning cockfighting; and making aggravated animal abuse a felony. Animal abuse has even received noted attention atrepparttar 132440 federal level. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recognizesrepparttar 132441 animal-abuse/human violence link and actually incorporates animal cruelty into its assessment ofrepparttar 132442 potential threat a suspect might pose to society. FBI Special Agent Allan Brantley has underscoredrepparttar 132443 FBI’s reasoning by stating that "Animal cruelty...is not a harmless venting of emotion in a healthy individual; this is a warning sign...." It isn’t too hard to see how public awareness and appreciation ofrepparttar 132444 contributions animals make torepparttar 132445 human world and our contributions to theirs can assist so much inrepparttar 132446 well-being of both. Hopefully, animal rights will no longer be limited torepparttar 132447 domain of vegetarians or pet enthusiasts. More than a “quirky” or “quaint” obsession, preservingrepparttar 132448 dignity and respect that animals deserve has far reaching repercussions for humans in general. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with also wanting a little purr in your ear or wet lick on your face. Copyright 2004. Sophistication Alley Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

The author fosters rescued animals and helps operate pet related sites including Adoring Pets at www.AdoringPets.com which helps to instill compassionate values and empathy towards animals by showcasing Assistance Animals, Therapy and Companion Pets; www.SundayColors.com a discount gift store; www.HandsnPaws.com a pet travel store with pet travel accessories and www.Pawstogo.com an everyday pet supply store with common pet problem solutions.

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