5 Ways To Boost Your Memory

Written by Murdo Macleod

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In a study published byrepparttar American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers tested people aged between 65 and 90 and discovered thatrepparttar 109416 people withrepparttar 109417 best ability to memorize words were those whose diets includedrepparttar 109418 most fruits and vegetables.

Coincidentally,repparttar 109419 same group of people aterepparttar 109420 least artery-clogging saturated fat. Of allrepparttar 109421 fruits and vegetables studied, blueberries and blackberries containrepparttar 109422 most potent antioxidants, anthocyanins.

4. Get Physical

Physical exercise not only boosts memory but also helps you think faster. A combination of mental and physical activities can protect your memory and help keep you alert.

The brain's processing speed gradually slows as you age. Between ages 25 and 55, many people begin to experience problems coming up with names or numbers. The memory is there. It just takes people longer to retrieve it.

Staying physically fit can ward off some ofrepparttar 109423 effects of age onrepparttar 109424 brain. In real life, that could mean coming up with a forgotten name more quickly or jumping out of danger inrepparttar 109425 face of an oncoming car.

5. Exercise Your Brain

Mental gymnastics are as important as physical ones to preserving brainpower.

Take up word games like crossword puzzles and acrostics. Memorize favorite poems, read challenging books or articles that encourage you to expand your interests.

Practice other-handedness. If you're right- handed, try brushing your teeth or writing your grocery list with your left hand.

Any activity that requires you to think and concentrate -- from keeping a journal or learning a new language to taking music lessons -- will challenge your brain.

And your brain will thrive onrepparttar 109426 challenge.

Article 2003 Murdo Macleod.

=========================================================== Murdo Macleod is a software developer and webmaster ofrepparttar 109427 'Fun With Figures' website which shows anyone of any ability how to do mental math. Visitrepparttar 109428 Fun With Figures website today at: http://funwithfigures.com/ ===========================================================

Murdo Macleod is a software developer and professional webmaster with a lifelong interest in psychology. His latest project is the 'Fun With Figures' website which he runs with mental math expert Kenneth Wiilliams, and shows anyone of any ability how to do mental math. The website is at: http://funwithfigures.com/

ADDISON'S Addison's disease

Written by Charles Douglas Wehner

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There is no way thatrepparttar medication can be confused withrepparttar 109415 disease, because there was no medication.

Go to http://wehner.org/addison/htm to read ADDISON'S OWN BOOK, as well as those of his assistant WILKS, of GREENHOW and others.

I tookrepparttar 109416 trouble of republishing in order thatrepparttar 109417 truth shall be preserved.

Copies of these books can also be found in national libraries -repparttar 109418 US Library of Congress,repparttar 109419 British Library andrepparttar 109420 Wellcome.

Go for it - it'srepparttar 109421 truth.

Charles Douglas Wehner is an engineer and technical suthor afflicted with Addison's disease.

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