5 Ways In Which You Can Make Simple Changes To Your Home Decorating

Written by Bonnie P. Carrier

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4. Collectibles Bring a Personal Touch to Home Decorating

Collectibles can be anything involving three or more ofrepparttar same thing, or items that are related. This can include porcelain dolls, Christmas villages, collector plates and who can resist those adorable little faces of Boyds Bears. Maybe items with a nostalgic feel like tin lunchboxes, cookie jars or salt & peppershakers stir up special memories of childhood

5. Updating Your Furniture

One ofrepparttar 116262 easiest ways to accomplish this is with slipcovers; they come in a large variety of colors and patterns. Pieces like end tables, hutches or even a dinning table and chairs can be refinished for a new look. One way is with paint. Pick a color to coordinate with your room or choose something bright and whimsical. Another option would be to use stain, stains come in a multitude of shades; they can also come in colors.

So, if you are ready to give some decorating a go, try these basic changes to start. Over time, more things can be changed but for right now, simple changes can make a big difference

Bonnie is the mother of 2 grown daughters and 4yr old Toby (her spoiled Blue Merle Sheltie). She is also the creator of Savvy Home Decorating a site filled with information and tips to help you achieve your own home decorating. Stop by for a visit at http://www.savvy-home-decorating.com

Wood Panels and Humidity

Written by Dave Markel

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The end secured with two dowels will develop a crack inrepparttar main panel. Sincerepparttar 116261 length ofrepparttar 116262 edge piece doesn't change having it fixed acrossrepparttar 116263 width ofrepparttar 116264 main panel from expanding.

Alternatively,repparttar 116265 opposite end ofrepparttar 116266 cutting board is only fixed inrepparttar 116267 center. The main panel is free to expand and contract towardsrepparttar 116268 ends. The only visual difference would be thatrepparttar 116269 ends ofrepparttar 116270 edge piece are no longer flush withrepparttar 116271 edge ofrepparttar 116272 main panel.

The second example uses a large glued up panel such as a table top. Ifrepparttar 116273 table top was fixed torepparttar 116274 rails acrossrepparttar 116275 width ofrepparttar 116276 panelrepparttar 116277 rise and fall of humidity would undoudtable causerepparttar 116278 panel to split.

The best method to overcome this is use wooden clip to attachrepparttar 116279 two pieces. A 1/4" x 1/4" dado milled onrepparttar 116280 inside upper edge ofrepparttar 116281 rails. This accepts a wooden clip that fits intorepparttar 116282 dado and is then secures torepparttar 116283 underside ofrepparttar 116284 table top. This will security holdrepparttar 116285 top holdrepparttar 116286 top ontorepparttar 116287 rails without restrictingrepparttar 116288 expansion and contraction ofrepparttar 116289 large panel. Without thisrepparttar 116290 table top would slowly start to open up.

In general anytime you are fixing one piece of stock across a large glued up panel measures need to be taken to allowrepparttar 116291 panel to move. Remember that it will expand across its width but not its length. Using one ofrepparttar 116292 two methods mentioned above you will be able to prevent your glued up panels from splitting.


Dave Markel is the author of "The All Wood Working Journal". He has helped hundreds of individuals improve their wood working skills. Visit his site at http://all-wood-working-plans.com Subscribe to the All Wood Working Journal at http://all-wood-working-plans.com/wood-working-tips.html

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