5 Tips to Better Clothes Shopping

Written by Barbara Myers

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4. Before you make a purchase ask yourself, "Does this match my wardrobe in terms of color, style and price? Is this on my needs list? How many ways can I wear this item?"

5. Shop first at high-end mass merchants, outlet malls, and off-priced stores for basics such as tees, shirts and pants. You'll then have more money for seasonal updates like jackets or accessories.

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Network Marketing...An Opportunity Where the Women Beat the Men!

Written by Dr. Vernon Brabham

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All of this sounds good, doesnít it? But wait a minute, letís take a look atrepparttar downside.

1. Maybe you donít want to work at home. 2. Although you are your own boss that doesnít mean you can ďgoof offĒ. To be successful you must work, so you have to be a self-starter. If you arerepparttar 131023 kind of person who always has to be told what to do and when to do it, this isnít for you. 3. In network marketing your income is virtually unlimited but you are not guaranteed any income at all. Some people would rather count on a certain sum, however low, every week than to take a chance on making more money. 4. You will probably have to invest some money. Maybe $50 to $500. 5. It is true that some start off making money in network marketing but for most it takes at least a few months forrepparttar 131024 money to begin to come it. 6. To really make a lot of money you must be willing to commit a minimum of 2 to 5 years in this business.

Okay, you have seen some pros and cons about network marketing. Like any other endeavorrepparttar 131025 success you achieve depends on how much you want it. In this business if you are willing to give focused effort, commitment and persistence you haverepparttar 131026 potential to reach any level of success you desire. It is not unreasonable to expect, with these qualities, within a few years to create a residual walk-away from income forrepparttar 131027 rest of your life. There is no other business I know of where this can be done without investing a large amount of money. And in network marketing you donít have to buy a franchise, rent a building, hire help and deal with payroll taxes. Itís a simple, proven way to make money and isrepparttar 131028 wave ofrepparttar 131029 future. Vernon Brabham is a semi-retired optometrist and long-time Entrepreneur with an avid interest in Network Marketing. For more info on him and this timely subject go to http://www.makemoneyandlookyounger.com or email him at mailtoVbrabham@mindspring.com

Vernon Brabham is an optometrist, author,inventor and Network Marketer.

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