5 Tips for Online Shopping

Written by Melanie Breeze

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Tip #3: Get over your instant gratification desire. Just admit it, buying something always gives you a good feeling and you can’t wait to take pleasure in that new purchase. Anything you’re buying atrepparttar mall for that same good feeling can usually be found for a huge discount online. You just have to be willing to wait forrepparttar 135640 short 2-5 days that it takes for shipping. It’s definitely worthrepparttar 135641 savings to able to control your emotions and hold off until it arrives via UPS!

Tip #4: Watch out for excessive shipping charges. Many times retailers slash their costs to getrepparttar 135642 sale but then charge more for shipping. Make sure to checkrepparttar 135643 final cost to ensure you didn’t receive any unwarranted charges. You should also find a free shipping deal at any ofrepparttar 135644 online coupon sites. Sometimesrepparttar 135645 shipping can cost more than your purchase!

Tip #5: Online coupons : Were you aware of online coupon websites that have discount and promotion codes to nearly all internet stores? These types of websites always have up to date discount offers arranged by category or store, so you can always find something on sale. It’s not only a way to get a good deal but you can also find some ofrepparttar 135646 free shipping offers listed in tip #4. Just be careful to check for a coupon code before making any internet purchase. It’s a simple way to find extra savings.

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Top 10 Ways To Irritate Your Visitors

Written by David Bell

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6. Sign up to use a really slow-loading hit counter and putrepparttar button inside of a TABLE so that nothing appears untilrepparttar 135624 hit-counter responds. This is possiblyrepparttar 135625 best way to keep visitors from stealing from you as it keeps them from even reading your content and possibly typing it into their site from memory. For this to work reliably, you must avoid puttingrepparttar 135626 height and width intorepparttar 135627 call forrepparttar 135628 hit counter graphic. You can improverepparttar 135629 effectiveness of this technique by inserting not only a hit counter button, but a long string of banner exchange banners. 7. Forrepparttar 135630 occasional visitor that inadvertently makes their way to your ezine subscription form, fear not. All is not lost. You can still rid yourself of them by asking lots and lots of personal questions. Don't just ask for their email address. Ask for their mailing address, phone number, sex, age, hobbies, religion, race and some other things best not discussed here. This technique works equally well when applied to your order forms and minimizes your trip torepparttar 135631 UPS office to ship products. 8. Splash page. You gotta have a Splash Page. Lots of slow loading animation. If you can combine this withrepparttar 135632 requirement to download another obscure plug-in, you'll have hit a home run. I'm especially impressed byrepparttar 135633 many sites that have uppedrepparttar 135634 ante to include two splash pages before you ever get to evenrepparttar 135635 first word of content. Stunning! Brilliant! 9. Reconfigurerepparttar 135636 visitor's browser window. This will drive them crazy! People hate it when you run a script on your pages that expandsrepparttar 135637 user's browser window to fillrepparttar 135638 entire screen and then do away with all ofrepparttar 135639 browser Toolbar features such asrepparttar 135640 Navigation Toolbar andrepparttar 135641 Location Toolbar, 10 Finally, an oldie but goodie. Make your background dark and your text just a shade or two brighter. This makes it impossible to read your text and will rid you of visitors before they have a chance to clog up you server logs. If this is not possible on your site, userepparttar 135642 alternate technique of putting most of your content in PDF files so thatrepparttar 135643 visitor has to download them and launch another application. Very effective. Did I mention that all of these cool ways to irritate visitors work even better at driving awayrepparttar 135644 people reviewing your site for places like Yahoo, LookSmart and other directories to whom you've paid large sums of money to review your site and add it to their directory? I hope this helps in your future marketing decisions.

David Bell is Manager, Online Marketing, at http://www.wspromotion.com/ , a leading Search Engine Optimization services firm and Advertising Agency.

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