5 Tips To Add More Spice To Your Life

Written by Chris Green

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4. Spontaneity can bring excitement and adventure into life. Doing things onrepparttar spur ofrepparttar 144962 moment is fun too! So why not just do something totally unplanned? Get inrepparttar 144963 car and drive somewhere, go torepparttar 144964 train station and take a train journey somewhere, or, for a holiday, just visit your travel broker or go direct torepparttar 144965 airport and see what deals theyíve got for you to go there and then. Have your bags packed and ready and donít forget your passport! This bringsrepparttar 144966 unknown into our lives, and although this can be a little bit frightening, itís also very exciting too. Enjoyrepparttar 144967 adventure!

5. Iíve savedrepparttar 144968 best till last! When it comes to living a happy, fulfilled life, a life where you do all things you really want to do, fear isrepparttar 144969 biggest threat you will have to face. It ruinsrepparttar 144970 hopes and dreams of millions and millions of people. Every time you give in to a fear, you lose. You miss out on opportunity, experience and happiness. So do something you are afraid of. Yes, I know it is very hard to do this butrepparttar 144971 alternative Ė giving in Ė is much more painful. If youíre afraid of heights, learn to abseil or climb. If youíre afraid of water, learn to swim. Flying Ė attend a fear of flying course. Frightened of driving? Start to learn. If you want to start a business, devoterepparttar 144972 time to become fully informed and start your research. Whatever it is, TAKE ACTION to beat it. Fear only exists in one place Ė YOUR MIND. It is an illusion that will set boundaries on your happiness. The only way to break through these boundaries is to confront fear and overcome it. When you do, your confidence will increase, you will experience more happiness and my word will you feel alive!

And there you are, five great ideas for you to try. Make them work for you by putting them into action and donít forget: Knowledge isnít power, it is putting our knowledge in to action so it works for us is what empowers us!

Until next time.

Chris Green is the author of the new acclaimed book "Conquering Fear", the complete guide to overcoming fear and attracting more success, prosperity and happiness into your life.

I Have Failed Before

Written by Ke o agile

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The very thing that seems to render you powerless can, if viewed rightly bestow an inner power that no one can take away.

What am I asking you to make out of this? If there is one lesson I want you to take away with you it is that failure can only render you powerless if you let it. To become aware ofrepparttar power that failure gifts you with, you will require a reorientatin of thought. How do you do this? - refuse to feel like a failure or victim - take responsibility for your life - forgive yourself - understand that you can change

When you do this you will begin to act differently.

As for me, I appreciate allrepparttar 144935 failures I have had.

Ke o agile is an NLP Coach as well as editor/publisher of In TheZone (http://inthezone.port5.com), an NLP focused ezine that coaches creating an abundant lifestyle through strategic goal setting

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