5 Tips For The Perfect Domain Name

Written by Niall Roche

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Hyphenated domains names can be slighltly more difficult to explain, may not look as well on headed paper and possibly harder to establish as a brand name. There's no shortage of multiple word domains.

The single biggest advantage a hyphenated domain has is that searche engines can "read"repparttar domain more easily. For example in a domain like www.foreignholidaysonline.comrepparttar 131732 search engine can only readrepparttar 131733 first word "foreign" and that's it. It can't tell anything else aboutrepparttar 131734 website domain name.

If you hyphenated that to www.foreign-holidays-online.comrepparttar 131735 search engine can read "foreign", "holidays" and "online" as separate words and therefore knows that this website is about foreign holidays.

A well chosen hyphenated domain name can be just as effective as a single word domain name.

#4 Your Domain Registrar These arerepparttar 131736 people you pay to registerrepparttar 131737 domain for you. There are dozens if not hundreds of these companies out there so which one do you choose? This takes some research but things worth checking are:

* Do you retain sole ownership ofrepparttar 131738 domain or dorepparttar 131739 registrar keep some level of control over it?

* Search Google for any horror stories relating torepparttar 131740 registrar

* Doesrepparttar 131741 registrar allow you to transferrepparttar 131742 domain to another registrar?

* Is there an online control panel for domain administration?

* How easy is it to changerepparttar 131743 domain Name Servers?

Shop around for domain registrars. What you really want to find is a previously satisfied customer to ask questions before you buy.

#5 Cheap Domain Names You can save a lot of money onrepparttar 131744 domain names you purchase. A typical .com domain costs about $15 to register from most registrars. However you can getrepparttar 131745 same domain for as little as $7.95 from other, very reliable, companies.

Oddly enough some ofrepparttar 131746 cheaper domain registrars are more reliable, have fewer horror stories and offer equally good customer service as their more expensive competitors.

Are there any disadvantages in using a discount domain registrar? Will it affect your website in any way? The answer to both is a definite No.

If you'd like more information on choosing and setting up your domain name then visit http://www.affiliate-advocate.com for our Domain Guide.

Affiliate Advocate is run by Niall Roche. The site offers reviews of affiliate marketing ebooks and software as well as advice and tips for new and existing affiliate marketers.

If Content is King, then surely Relevance is Queen!

Written by Jason Hulott

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Delivering relevant links from relevant content isrepparttar future.

Look at sites such as www.bbc.co.uk or www.independent.co.uk. News sites haverepparttar 131731 right idea. They have 2 or 3 relevant internal links to other articles onrepparttar 131732 same topic or links to internal tools that are related. These usually can be found atrepparttar 131733 right hand side ofrepparttar 131734 article.

They also then have weblinks or external links to sites of interest that are related torepparttar 131735 topic. These are relevant!

Another benefit of this is that with a content rich site you can add hundreds of links quite legitimately and really add some value both to your Rankings and your users.

With a content-poor site it is difficult, you have to add link pages or create a links directory. A five page site will need to add 10 or 12 good link pages to compete and even then with algorithm changes, this may not be prudent.

Having a site with 400 pages means you can easily add 3 links per page, so you have 1200 link options straight away.

Hopefully this explains that relevance runs a close second to content.

Always bear in mind when writing content that relevant links will not only boost your search engine rankings, but you will also add a service to your visitors.

Jason Hulott is Director of J2 Squared, leading specialists in Internet consultancy whose specific aim is to drive more revenue to websites. Their main area of focus are the insurance, finance, and automotive industries.

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