5 Things to Keep an Eye on in the SEO World in 2005....

Written by Bobby Heard

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3) What this about a new search engine that is going to index every site onrepparttar internet, EVERY 10 seconds? Become.com has turned a few heads with itís claims. Site owners have reported Become Bots spidering ďlike crazyĒ. Itís all quite hush, hush, however and you need to have an invite in order to test it out. It should be interesting to see what theyíre capable of if and when they decide to go live. Iíll go out on a limb and say that itís a household name by this time next year.

4) MSN will scraprepparttar 127806 ďbetaĒ tag on February 1st from itís sparkling new search engine, which is currently live at search.msn.com and Bill Gates thinks it will rival Google. There is a lot of debate over this issue, but there is no denying that it is far better thanrepparttar 127807 old chugger they were using before. Love him or hate him, Gates has most likely given a hard right torepparttar 127808 chin of Yahoo!, which seems to be suffering from a magnitude of quality problems. MSN will be second to Google in total searches in 2005.

5) PR still has importance. However, it is also decreasing in value. PR is only based onrepparttar 127809 quantity and quality of links (both inbound and outbound) fromrepparttar 127810 given web page. The most obvious reasoning forrepparttar 127811 declining importance theory is due torepparttar 127812 fact that on any given search on Google,repparttar 127813 PR of each page seems to have barely any correlation with itís place inrepparttar 127814 rankings. For all you PR lovers out there, hold on to your toolbarís tight, because this could be a bumpy ride.

Bobby Heard (bheard@abalone.ca) is the Vice-President of Abalone Designs (www.abalone.ca), which offers great SEO results at affordable prices.

Search Engine Optimization and Other Scary Things

Written by Francisco Aloy

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Furthermore, I'm sure you've heard about websites getting banned after hiring a SEO expert. I had this experience:

I remember reading about a well known SEO business and I wrote them an email inquiring about why they didn't appear inrepparttar search results dealing with their subject matter: search engine optimization or search engine ranking. I received a short and cryptic reply that didn't say much.

As time went by, I came onto an article that statedrepparttar 127805 particular SEO outfit had been banned byrepparttar 127806 SE's during that time frame. That explainsrepparttar 127807 nature ofrepparttar 127808 return email; meaning: I don't want to talk about it!

The paragraph above implies that if they'll do it to their own website, they'll do it to yours! Look before you leap should more than suffice asrepparttar 127809 motto for your business decision.

I think SEO experts that are onrepparttar 127810 level won't guarantee you dominance for ANY keyword phrase. Think about your competition and see if it's feasible. For example, would you haverepparttar 127811 resources to dominate forrepparttar 127812 word "business?" I did a search on Google and came up with 695,000,000 results!

Before you make a decision and commit time and money, check out any offer. Phone past customers and ask them about their experiences; would they hirerepparttar 127813 same expert again? Ask for quantifiable results and look for a positive track record; I imagine SEO experts are not a dime a dozen. Investigate and get answers to all your questions before you put money onrepparttar 127814 table.

(C)2005 Francisco Aloy


Francisco Aloy is the Editor of The Newbie Business Guide. Constructive and clear information to start your Internet Business. For more articles by Mr. Aloy, visit: http://www.newbie-business-guide.com

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