5 Surefire Ways to Botch Your Media Interview

Written by June Campbell

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Here's another funny thing. Readers expect unbiased articles. That means good editors don't accept material that has been rewritten by interview sources.

If you do convincerepparttar writer to show yourepparttar 124506 article, rewrite it, adding a great deal of promotional content about your business and its products.

Whenrepparttar 124507 article is not published, denouncerepparttar 124508 writer andrepparttar 124509 editor as amateurs who wasted your time.

4. Keep it Short. Don't waste words. You were born with only a limited number of words to be spoken during your lifetime and you're not going to waste them on this interview. Respond succinctly with one word answers. Refuse to provide anecdotal information ofrepparttar 124510 type that would catch a reader's interest. When asked if you have anything else to add, say "no." Use little-known technical terms and industry jargon wherever possible.

Later, be sure to complain thatrepparttar 124511 article was boring and didn't portray what your business is all about.

5. Fight for your Rights Agree to be interviewed only ifrepparttar 124512 publisher and writer will grant you copyright torepparttar 124513 article. Argue withrepparttar 124514 publisher and refuse to sign any releases that are offered. If you do agree to sign something, scratch out any items you don't like and replace them with your own terms. Threaten legal action. Ignorerepparttar 124515 fact that you have limited understanding of copyright issues. Continue to haggle untilrepparttar 124516 publication's deadline has passed.

Whenrepparttar 124517 article is abandoned, tell everyone that you stood up for your rights with a greedy publisher and writer.

6. You're a Romantic and Exciting Action Figure The writer made you sound dull and boring. You might be a mild mannered Clark Kent onrepparttar 124518 outside, but onrepparttar 124519 inside, you're Superman.

A good writer would have known that!!!

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Drop Cards & How to Use Them

Written by Chris Bradford and Brande McCree

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restrooms. 3. Drop one in everything you mail. 4. Leave them on public telephones 5. Hand them out to everyone you meet. 6. Leave them on top of cigarette machines in lounges. 7. Stick them in books and magazines at your local bookstore. 8. Leave them on shelves in grocery and variety stores. 9. Leave them inrepparttar back seat of taxi cabs, and onrepparttar 124505 seats of public transportation. 10. Leave them in changing areas in clothing stores. 11. Slip them inrepparttar 124506 pockets of clothing at clothing stores.

With drop cards you will get prospects interested inrepparttar 124507 opportunity you are offering. Remember, drop cards may also be printed as decals and on items such as match books. Think ofrepparttar 124508 possibilities!

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