"5 Super Easy Secrets To A Winning Domain Name"

Written by Ewen Chia

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As an example, if your site deals with golf improvement, you may want to identify your main keywords and come up with a domain like "improve-golf-lower-scores.com"?

My personal example is my ezine site at http://www.Marketing-Make-Money.com which utilisedrepparttar keywords 'Marketing' and 'Make Money'


A wonderful method of grabbing quality domain names is by registering domains that had expired or will be expiring!

Thousands upon thousands of domains are expiring every other day and getting a good one is real possible

Try this site http://www.DeletedDomains.com to source for such domains, I grabbed http://www.UltimateEbooks.com from their listrepparttar 108296 last time I did a search

== BUYING ==

This option is a little more costly and risky but you'll have a better chance at finding a domain that you really want.

There're three main ways to go about this :

1. Emailrepparttar 108297 webmaster ofrepparttar 108298 existing domain about your interest and intention

2. Bidding and buying at domain auction, sale sites like http://www.Afternic.com; or

3. Typing inrepparttar 108299 name you need and you may land on a 'for sale' page

Here are also Three domain registrars that charge less than $10 for each domain name registered through them (no hidden charges).

I've personally used and tested them with my own domain names and they've proven themselves to be reliable and provide quality services.

Why spend more when you can save more?!

http://www.Namebargain.com ( a division of Register.com) http://www.GoDaddy.com http://www.GKG.net

Can you STILL Winrepparttar 108300 domain name game?

You bet You can!

Ewen Chia is the author of "Amazing Free Traffic Formula!" which shows you HOW to get free targeted traffic fast! http://www.FreeTargetedTraffic.com. He is also the editor of "Money Making Marketing Report". Subscribe at http://www.Marketing-Make-Money.com or send blank email to mailto:mmm@followup101.com

Domain Naming for Prosperity

Written by Pavel Lenshin

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Is it difficult to create another “Google”? No. Is it difficult to imagine “Overture” instead of PPC Search Engine? No, billion times "no". What you need is time, wit and imagination. If you don’t have something ofrepparttar mentioned, then ask someone who has. Tell yourepparttar 108295 truth, I have very small vocabulary, so for my next project I will search Webster, Latin dictionary or try to ask friends about some useful ideas on that subject. Just make sure your domain wouldn’t be translated as something stupid onrepparttar 108296 language ofrepparttar 108297 country you are planning to work with. Can it be even easier?

3. Third point. How to check what you domain name is worth? Imagine that your business has reached a billion dollar status, you have a corporate skyscraper with an extremely big corporate flag 100-by-100 meters wide (3,000-3,000 feet wide) that is hanging onrepparttar 108298 very top of your building withrepparttar 108299 name of your business on it. So doesrepparttar 108300 name that you have imagined suit that corporate flag of a billion dollar corporation?

The domains like Amazon.com, Overture.com, Google.com, eBay.com or even GoDaddy.com are perfect examples of what direction you should move. My-Cool-PPC-Search-Engine.com or BestOnlineBooks.com arerepparttar 108301 worst examples ofrepparttar 108302 domain names you can ever imagine.

Answer another question. Does your domain leave some “taste” inrepparttar 108303 minds of your visitors, or it is “just another one” name? Does your domain as well as WS transfer any hidden or obvious message or is it “flat” and simple as a log? Remember: your branding policy ofrepparttar 108304 WS and Domain name should provoke emotions, thought, curiosity or desire. PayPerClickSearchEngne.com is pay per click search engine. I know that, you know that, what next? Overture.com tries to make your subconscious imagination work. It has unique abstract inner meaning. Wake me up inrepparttar 108305 middle ofrepparttar 108306 night and I will tell you that Overture isrepparttar 108307 best PPCSE, despiterepparttar 108308 fact that Overture’s meaning has very slight connection to what a PPCSEs really are.

4. The domain name you choose shouldn’t offend your auditory and be liked by You. In other words, try to avoid “angels” in dealing with public and make your name you are proud of. The last notice is very important. Everything that is connected with your company even includingrepparttar 108309 look of PC you are working on should arouse positive and pleasant emotions only. You should be proud of your own business likerepparttar 108310 majority of Americans are proud of The United States.

Well, like I said, your business goesrepparttar 108311 same way it is called. Are you fond of your name? I hope you are.

Pavel Lenshin is publisher and web-designer, who offers: + Powerful package on how to run Private Info Business + Free subscription to the unique NET Business Magazine + Free Optimization Report of your Website http://www.InfoAlchemist.com

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