5 Strategies for Selling Yourself

Written by Kevin Nunley

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Gain a reputation of being sincerely interested in your customers BEFORE you start selling. Talk to them informally and make them remember you were there.

If you have a web site, update it often and make sure there is plenty of information. Invite people to refer to your web site for details on your products and services.

Above all, make yourself interesting to others. If you sell yourself as well asrepparttar product you will always have an eager market.

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Written by Dianne Reuby

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Article Announce - many topics in several lists. Chooserepparttar list(s) that cover your topic(s). Directory - http://www.web-source.net/articles/ Subscribe - mailto:article_announce-subscribe@egroups.com

ArticlePublish http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ArticlePublish

ArticlesArchives - Internet, How-to, Small business http://articlesarchives.netfirms.com

EzAdSuccess - articles and ad swaps mailto:subscribe@ezadsuccess.com

Ezine Articles http://www.ezinearticles.com/ mailto:join-ezinearticles@ezinearticles.com

Free Content - business articles (this has a wide range of business topics) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Free-Content

PublishInYours http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PublishInYours


Idea Marketers http://www.ideamarketers.com

Marketing-Seek - they also send out details of your article to their mailing list http://www.marketing-seek.com/

Opportunity Update - mostly net marketing http://www.opportunityupdate.com/

UltimateProfits http://www.ultimateprofits.com

MailBiz http://www.mailbiz.com/mailbiz/magcat/

WWIO http://certificate.net/wwio/ideas.shmtl

Seed Your Web http://www.seedyourweb.com/

Free Sticky http://freesticky.com/stickyweb/

Advertise Online - lots of web and writers resource links, as well as articles http://www.advertise-online.net/

Each site or list has slightly different rules about content -repparttar 125119 topics it accepts, how often you can post. The things that they all have in common is that you must userepparttar 125120 authors resource box, and you cannot make changes to any articles that you use. Most general lists and banks are strict on language and content - if you plan on adult themes, look for a specialist list.

Some ofrepparttar 125121 mailing lists also send out details of publishers (webmasters) looking for articles - if you see a topic you have covered, or could cover, e-mailrepparttar 125122 webmaster. Be sure to specify your publishing rules,repparttar 125123 title, number of words, andrepparttar 125124 target readership ifrepparttar 125125 publisher has several topics. For example:

****** Title: Starting a web site This article is suitable for new webmasters. Word count: 768 including resource box, at 65 chars per line It may be reproduced freely in ezines and on web sites as long as it remains unchanged andrepparttar 125126 resource box is included. ******

Some authors askrepparttar 125127 publisher for a copy ofrepparttar 125128 ezine, orrepparttar 125129 URL ofrepparttar 125130 web page on which it is used. If you store your articles on an auto-responder, you will get an e-mail whenever someone sends for a copy.

Dianne Reuby is co-author of the e-book "First Website Builder", http://newbieclub.com/builder/?pramclub Dianne created and runs the Free Site Builder web site and ezine, dedicated to helping newbies create web sites with free tools, services and resources. Visit FSB at http://freesitebuilder.co.uk/ Send for a complete list of free articles and lessons by e- mail : mailto:fsb-lessons@getresponse.com

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