5 Steps to YOUR Mini-site Success

Written by Steve Nash

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Once you've created a reasonably search-engine friendly site then you can either hand submit your site torepparttar major search engines, or let JimTools or AddMe takerepparttar 117551 burden. It's your choice:

- http://www.HowIPromoteMyWebsite.com/bin/ap.pl?site-submit - http://www.jimtools.com/submit.html - http://www.addme.com/submission.htm

*Do* make sure you get a link onrepparttar 117552 following search engines and directories:

- Google: http://www.google.com/addurl.html - DMOZ: http://www.dmoz.org - Inktomi:

Google is becoming *the* search engine of choice for more and more people (it even powers Web Page searches on Yahoo!). A listing on DMOZ (or Open Directory Project) can definitely help your Google ranking. And Inktomi provides search results for a large number of search engines including MSN, AOL and even Overture.

Inktomi provides a service which guarantees your page is re- visited by Inktomi's 'spiders' every 48 hours. This means your mini-site can be listed on many ofrepparttar 117553 major search engines within 48 hours of creation! Sign up to Inktomi here:

- http://www.howipromotemywebsite.com/bin/ap.pl?search-engines

One extra (and recommended) way to promote your new mini-site is to link to your mini-site on other sites that you own. Not only do inbound links increase traffic, it also helps your Google listing too. However, do make sure that you:

a) Link torepparttar 117554 mini-site using your chosen keywords, and b) Submit that linking page torepparttar 117555 search engines too (particularly Google)

Step 5) Measure Results =======================

You're nearly done. Now you just need to measure your results, and adjust or tweak your site a little if you're not happy with those results. Don't be hasty, though - you need to get a reasonable amount of website traffic before you can really know if your mini-site is a success!

Measuring your site traffic means knowing how many visitors your website attracts, how many page views it gets and which search engines are bringingrepparttar 117556 visitors to your site, etc. For more information about monitoring website traffic read these articles:

- Analyse Your Website Traffic: http://www.HowIPromoteMyWebsite.com/bin/ap.pl?web-traffic

- Learn From Your Visitors Using Cookies: http://www.HowIPromoteMyWebsite.com/cookies.html

Or you could just sign up torepparttar 117557 free version of Webtrends and let Webtrends do allrepparttar 117558 work for you: - http://www.webtrendslive.com

(Your web host may well provide adequate site statistics, however, so using Webtrends may not be necessary.)

You also need to measurerepparttar 117559 success (or otherwise) of your affiliate program. The best affiliate programs offer great tracking and reporting, so that you can quickly determine what works and what doesn't. If your affiliate program is a little bit lacking in this respect, then learn how to track your own links:

- http://www.HowIPromoteMyWebsite.com/bin/ap.pl?know

The combination of affiliate stats and site stats should allow you to measure your results. If you *do* need to change anything on your site, make sure you change one thing at a time, so you can truly measurerepparttar 117560 effectiveness of that change. (Mark Joyner, famous Internet Marketer and owner of Aesop.com, explainsrepparttar 117561 importance of controlled testing in his article, Why Test?:

- http://www.AnyoneCanSellOnline.com/why-test.shtml )

But if mini-site success still eludes you, then you may need to review steps 1) to 4) again.


And that's it - five steps to your mini-site success!

If you're willing to be patient there's absolutely no need to spend time and money on pay-per-click search engines, either! (It's becoming harder and harder to get your mini-site listed on Overture now, anyway!). Simply rely on Google andrepparttar 117562 modestly priced Inktomi instead.

So, to summarise, if you want to make money from generating small 1-or 2-page mini-sites simply follow these five steps:

Step 1) Choose High-Demand Low-Supply Keywords Step 2) Find A Good Affiliate Program Step 3) Build A Mini-Site That Gets The Sale Step 4) Promote Your Mini-Site Step 5) Measure Results

I wish you success!

Steve Nash

PS No idea what a mini-site is? It's all explained here... http://www.AnyoneCanSellOnline.com/build-minisites.shtml

Steve Nash shows how anyone can sell online at his brand new website. Visit his FREE beginners guide now! http://www.AnyoneCanSellOnline.com Learn how to promote your mini-site in his highly regarded FREE 7-day e-mail course: Promotion That Works! Send blank e-mail mailto:promotion_that_works@getresponse.com

"Building Your "Pitch"

Written by Shonda Ponder

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Let's take a look at where we are now:

1. First you have to have a product, idea, thought or service.

Without this step, none ofrepparttar others matter.

2. Then you have to make that product, idea, thought or service available torepparttar 117550 public.

The message has to be easy to understand, and simple to follow.

I can't recall how many times I've visited a website that had lots of information on it that didn't make sense. The cause was just, I'm sure, butrepparttar 117551 presentation ofrepparttar 117552 information was so hard to follow that I would skiprepparttar 117553 whole message and go on torepparttar 117554 next web site.

How many of you have ever readrepparttar 117555 Bible allrepparttar 117556 way through? If you weren't a literary person who enjoyed Shakespeare or any ofrepparttar 117557 other classic literature, then you probably are thinking, "Not me, all those thees and thous and whatsoevers get me confused." There are a lot of great web sites out there who are very information-oriented, but forget that most people are straight forward people who want simplicity.

When I was a child, my mother worked full time. So, to help ease her burden, she decided to let me dorepparttar 117558 cooking so when she came home, dinner was already done and ready to eat. She would set out a peace of paper with instructions for me to follow each day when I came home from school. It would look something like this:


Please make sure you put a load of clothes inrepparttar 117559 washer. There are some clothes onrepparttar 117560 bed that need to be folded. When you are done with that, clean that mess offrepparttar 117561 coffee table. Then you can start cooking at 5pm.

Here is what we are having for dinner tonight: Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes.

To fixrepparttar 117562 meatloaf, first you will need to get all your ingredients together.


(I'm going to skip this part because I think you gotrepparttar 117563 idea)

One ofrepparttar 117564 ingredients happened to be diced onions. Keep in mind, for a nine year old who had a limited vocabulary but a high IQ, which my mom knew I had because of previous testing at school and arguments with school administrators who wanted to skip me up a grade or two, I had no idea what "diced" meant. I sat there dumb-founded forrepparttar 117565 longest time, trying to figure out what "diced" meant. Finally, I knew it was going to get me in trouble, but I figured I'd be in more trouble if I didn't get dinner fixed, I called my mom at work.

Of course, she answered with: "YOU CALLED ME AT WORK JUST TO ASK ME WHAT DICED MEANT?" and then told me to look it up inrepparttar 117566 dictionary. DOH!

Butrepparttar 117567 point is, had I not had my backside to worry about, I probably would have never had supper done that night. Most of your readers don't have backsides to worry about, (some of them simply are...but we won't go into that here...) and if you don't tell them in simple termsrepparttar 117568 first time, they'll probably just go somewhere else.

Shonda Ponder is the editor and owner of the Friends of Liberty web site. Friends of Liberty is a Promotional Media Organization, dedicated to teaching promotional skills to amateurs who are politically active. Friends of Liberty can be located on the world wide web at http://www.friendsofliberty.com. Shonda Ponder can be contacted at shonda@friendsofliberty.com

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