5 Starting Steps To Your Own Web Business

Written by Jason Mann

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Tack that on to what he has sold since then and you have nearly 150,000 courses sold usingrepparttar *exact* same letter.

If your not using a proven letter, then you're not makingrepparttar 117597 maximum amount of sales you could be making.

Creating a winning letter takes time, testing, time, more testing, time, and even more testing. Key to that is finding a reliable and quick testing ground for your letters.

Which brings us torepparttar 117598 finally tip ...

5.) Developing a database.

Developing your own "in house" mailing list of targeted prospects is without a doubtrepparttar 117599 fastest way to battle test a sales campaign.


Simple ... By building this database you accomplish two things:

1.) You build trust between you andrepparttar 117600 list members

2.) You build a direct line of testing which can be used to test letters, headlines, and get vital feedback in hours.

Have a new headline you want to test? Send out a "mini-ad" using that headline and 3-5 lines of teaser and recordrepparttar 117601 click-thru rate torepparttar 117602 page you lead them to.

Have a bonus you want to test?

Add that bonus torepparttar 117603 mini-ad and see how many people click compared to when you sent outrepparttar 117604 letter without it.

Test one thing at a time. If you changerepparttar 117605 headline, guarantee andrepparttar 117606 bonuses, then how do you know which one resulted inrepparttar 117607 increase of sales? You don't. Wasted time.

When you're offer is solid, you can sendrepparttar 117608 entire list to completed sales letter onrepparttar 117609 web and watch your orders roll in. It really is that easy, *if* you dorepparttar 117610 leg work and test.

Jason Mann is a profitability consultant who works with small and medium web business to increase their overall profit using easy to deploy, cost effective marketing strategies. Visit his web site at: http://www.innersanctumeletter.com for more helpful information about web marketing.


Written by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

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And because ofrepparttar e-book and its companion newsletter, another idea grew: not everyone's interested in getting their hands dirty in creating and writing their own e-mail workshops or eCourses so why not offer a custom e-mail workshop creation and writing service? It's still up my alley, and it is my expertise.

I'm experiencing diversity in my specialization: I start with my specialized field (e-mail workshops) then diversify within that field (developing and conducting e-mail workshops for my own use, writing an e-book about it, publishing an e-zine that's devoted onrepparttar 117596 topic, offering an e-mail workshop creation service).

If you look around at allrepparttar 117597 thingsrepparttar 117598 others are doing onrepparttar 117599 Internet right now, they're also doingrepparttar 117600 same thing: they're diversifying in their own specializations.

It's an oxymoron, really, but if you often have those snowball moments, you understand what I mean.

So... what's your snowball moment?

Shery helps you create profitable e-mail workshops, eCourses and tutorials. Her e-book provides a blueprint on how you can set up e-mail courses and increase your subscribers from 0 to 200+ in 48 hours! Visit http://EmailWorkshopsHowTo.com

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