5 Simple Steps that Will Help You Start Making Money Online Almost Immediately.

Written by By, Lisa M Cope

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WHY..because they have built a trusting relationship with there subscribers and customers, which means that their recommendation is highly regarded and carries much more weight than any ad copy.

There are 5 very simple steps you can take when putting together joint ventures.

Step One: Ask yourself these questions. What do you have in your business that will benefit others? What other products would your customers benefit from?

Step Two: Do some research find out who your targeted market is. Ask yourself who are my customers? What other businesses would have customers seeking my products.

Step Three: Go torepparttar major search engines and search for keywords which relate to your targeted market.

Step Four: Find other businesses that are selling similar but not competing products to your targeted market and write down their names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Step Five: Write a letter explaining torepparttar 125031 owner of repparttar 125032 business that you believe that their customers would greatly benefit from your product or service and that you would like to work out a mutually beneficial joint venture with them. Offer to splitrepparttar 125033 profits give them a complimentary copy of your product or free access to your service. Make it as enticing and easy for them as possible. Rememberrepparttar 125034 potential for profit is far greater for both of you if they decide to partner with you.

Now that you seerepparttar 125035 potential for profit and you knowrepparttar 125036 basics you can start making money online almost immediately with joint ventures. So, now all you need to do is findrepparttar 125037 perfect partners.

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7 Great Web Site Promotion Strategies

Written by JC Anderl

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Next, you should have keyword rich pages and page titles. Your writing should reflect what your site is about. You'll notice that if you scan this page you'll see words like "promotion" and "traffic."  Those arerepparttar words that I would want this article to come up under in a search. I also putrepparttar 125030 most important words in my page title.

Also, be sure to submit to search enginesrepparttar 125031 correct way. There are services that will submit your site to hundreds of search engines every month, for a fee. That can be great forrepparttar 125032 hundreds of smaller search engines, but be careful when submitting torepparttar 125033 more important search engines. Submitting too often can get you banned withrepparttar 125034 major search engines, so submit to them manually.

The really important search engines can be responsible for thousands of visitors every month. Although it won't make or break your business, having a good rank in many ofrepparttar 125035 major search engines and directories can be enormously beneficial.

Search engine tips at: www.redlionbooks.com/1searcheng/sitesoltips61.htm

Strategy # 6 - Viral Marketing

Viral marketing has become a fairly important subject lately. For those of you new to viral strategies, viral marketing allows you to multiply your marketing efforts without actually doing more work. Here arerepparttar 125036 basics.

First off, we'll start withrepparttar 125037 (probably overused) example of Hotmail. When Hotmail started out with its free email services, it attached a footer to every email message sent out. That footer said something like "Sign up for your own free Hotmail account now and send free email." Every time any user of Hotmail sent a message, that footer was atrepparttar 125038 end. A lot of people who received those emails signed up and sent more emails which signed up more people. It is similar to tipping overrepparttar 125039 first domino and watchingrepparttar 125040 rest fall over.

The best viral tools are products that are valuable so that people will want to spreadrepparttar 125041 word. For example, a free ebook that is packed with great information and points to your site can spread as people referrepparttar 125042 ebook to others, who visit your site, downloadrepparttar 125043 book, andrepparttar 125044 process continues.

The key here though, is thatrepparttar 125045 product really has to be desirable, a great deal. My free ebooks have a retail value of $34.94 but I give them away in exchange for subscribing to my free newsletter. That is a great deal and many people wouldn't hesitate to tell their friends about it.

Strategy # 7 - Giving away value

This is similar to my viral strategy involving free ebooks. But besidesrepparttar 125046 viral aspect, I also have another reason for giving away two valuable ebooks. 

I want to sign people up for my newsletter, and they are a lot more likely to do that if I am giving them something valuable.

It's all about what's in it forrepparttar 125047 customer. I want their contact information, so I have to put something of value up forrepparttar 125048 customer. If your site has something valuable,repparttar 125049 visitor will show their appreciation.

Best of luck to you,

JC Anderl www.Redlionbooks.com, JC@Redlionbooks.com

Visit my site or email me if you have any questions about marketing or website promotion.

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