5 Shortcuts to a Life of Charity

Written by Copy For Sale

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Say five Hail Mary’s every day for someone you don’t like. Pray for their general well being…not for them to change or leave you alone. “Oh Lord, let this man see his evil ways, and turn to You” isn’t a charitable prayer at all.

Ask yourself before you go to bed if you’re holding any grudges. If you are, then stop. Charity is impossible without mercy. Push your anger towards someone torepparttar back of your heart and let it suffocate. Don’t allow yourself to fantasize about revenge, and pray for them.

When you can’t feel it, fake it. Charity won’t always overwhelm you with feel good emotions. Sometimes doingrepparttar 145377 right thing is difficult. So put your feelings aside and forge ahead. If you have a hard time caring about someone, just treat them as you would want to be treated.

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Are You a Worrier?

Written by Jessica Gerald (Pen Name)

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that when I do that - take each day at a time - and deal withrepparttar issues at hand, life is so much easier. I don't have to worry about what may happen several years from now, or even next week. When that time comes, God will help me deal with it.

Releasing our anxieties to God also frees us to enjoy each day with our family and friends. Let's treasurerepparttar 145376 blessings ofrepparttar 145377 journey.

Jessica Gerald is a Christian wife, mother of two sons, and an elementary school teacher of thirty years. Her website is Ladies Ministry Online. http://www.ladiesministryonline.com

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