5 Secrets to Selling Products & Services to Your Audience

Written by Susan Harrow

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5. Your website image must match everything you *do, say and are.*

Create continuity, in person, on paper, and onrepparttar Internet. You must come across as professional, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. When I was interviewing people for my book, *Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul,* I turned torepparttar 147844 expertise of a professional PR listserve to which I subscribe. One woman, whose knowledge and online manner I'd come to admire, was first on my list to call. I visited her website to research her background before I contacted her. I was baffled to find little dolphins and other silly-looking characters that had nothing to do with a theme or anything else for that matter, on her site. Needless to say her esteem dropped in my eyes. I never called.

Onrepparttar 147845 other hand, my client Leslie Kirk Campbell, Founder ofrepparttar 147846 Ripe Fruit School of writing, tookrepparttar 147847 time to ruminate over her website for months. She carefully chose photos that gave her potential clients a real sense of her as a teacher and leader. She poured over hundreds of testimonials to select justrepparttar 147848 right ones that capturedrepparttar 147849 essence of taking a class or going on a writing retreat. And she thought intensely about what it was that people whose creativity was stifled, stalled, on brief hiatus, or in full roar, would need from her. Her site isn't *perfect* and it's still in evolution, butrepparttar 147850 basics for what her audience needs are there. See what she came up with that represents her teaching/living style and her love of language at: http://www.ripefruitwriting.com

A Wall Street Journal article aboutrepparttar 147851 best Southern pork barbeque,illustrates my point. Restaurateur Wilbur King who got started doing mail order Bar-B-Q by sending care packages of his *Kingston, N.C., 'cue to displaced locals,* said that he didn't want to make his website too slick. *People have an image in their mind, and if it's not three rednecks over a pit inrepparttar 147852 woods, they think it's notrepparttar 147853 real deal.* Smart marketer this Bar-B-Q salesman.

Another great example of how look and feel serenely match is Feng Shui expert Shannon Lee Turner's website. Visit at http://www.tranquilspaces.com to get a sense of howrepparttar 147854 content, images, design, graphics, and services are completely congruous. Besides offering classes and business or residential consultations, Shannon also has a free weekly newsletter called *Feng Shui Tips.* You'll get many fascinating ideas about how to run your business better with insights on structuring your environment. Her newsletter also perfectly matchesrepparttar 147855 sensibility of her business. To subscribe torepparttar 147856 list, send your name and city of residence to mailto:tips@tranquilspaces.com

I look forward to getting this one in my mailbox. It always contains both wise advice and a beautiful quote or poem. Byrepparttar 147857 way, there is no archive ofrepparttar 147858 past tips sorepparttar 147859 only way to get them is to subscribe.

6. BONUS TIP! Don't give your customers too many choices.

Potential customers will log off if they're confronted with a dizzying display of decisions. Case in point, a friend of mine was looking to buyrepparttar 147860 Herman Miller Aeron chair on a site that advertised it for a great price and free shipping. First he needed to choose a size. Thenrepparttar 147861 color ofrepparttar 147862 frame. Thenrepparttar 147863 color ofrepparttar 147864 material. Next,repparttar 147865 color forrepparttar 147866 arms, andrepparttar 147867 size and type of casters, and on and on! He decided he couldn't make a decision unless he sawrepparttar 147868 darn chair.

The solution? Offer a few ofrepparttar 147869 most popular standards first. Then note that any ofrepparttar 147870 items can be customized. It's your job to help guide your customers torepparttar 147871 optimal answers torepparttar 147872 most common asked questions--before they're asked. Since you're tracking your most popular items you can let people know what has worked best for others. You're helping them make an intelligent decision. In other words, simplifyrepparttar 147873 thinking and ordering process so it's a quick and easy process.

Back to my original point. Whilerepparttar 147874 ordering process is crucial,repparttar 147875 look and feel of your website may be more important than you think. It's a surprising fact that people remember feelings more thanrepparttar 147876 specifics of what you say. Make sure your online image matches your expertise andrepparttar 147877 feeling you want to leave with people. Warrant that every step someone takes on your website is inrepparttar 147878 direction you want them to go. Finally, takerepparttar 147879 time to ensure that their journey isrepparttar 147880 guided tour you want them to take.

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Susan Harrow is a top media coach, marketing strategist and author of *Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul* (HarperCollins), *The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah*, and *How You Can Get a 6- Figure Book Advance.* Her clients include Fortune 500 CEOs, millionaires, best-selling authors and successful entrepreneurs who have appeared on Oprah, 60 Minutes, NPR, and in TIME, USA Today, Parade, People, Wall Street Journal, and Inc.


Written by Micheal Iwaski

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If everything reads well and there are no errors, submit your press release for distribution.

How Often Should You Submit Your Press Release? We receive this question many times and now have decided to finally include this bit of information within our Press Release Writing Tips section.

How often should you submit your press release? Rule of thumb is once to twice a month if you have news to tell. This being said, if you do not have any news worth mentioning, then once a month is a good rule of thumb again IF you have news to write about. If you do not have anything to write about, wait until you do. Many Companies go through changes. Management changes, product changes, service changes or other changes. To not have something to write about, in most companies would be rare. Do you have a hot new service you are now providing? Do you have a great new service you plan to offer coming up inrepparttar future that you would like to informrepparttar 147843 public of? Do you have some new widget that you are importing that no one else has? Are you hiring some new executive from a Fortune 500 Company that will add an asset to your Company? These are just a few ideas to keep in mind.

As long as you have a good story to tell that will be interesting torepparttar 147844 general public and of course editors and journalists, a press release may also be viewed, indirectly, as a way of brand marketing. People will begin to recognize your Company inrepparttar 147845 news. This being said, we do stress that you should have a story to tell. Do not floodrepparttar 147846 media or public with garbage in an attempt to spread your name. All to often we come across those who send out weekly press releases with no story to tell. These types of Companies will eventually become tuned out by editors and journalists.

Are images important? You bet! If you are inrepparttar 147847 position to be able to include an image within your press release, you will definitely increaserepparttar 147848 readability of your release.

Images are worth a thousand words. This is why magazines are so popular. They have images, they tell a story. Try to imagine your local newspaper with no image onrepparttar 147849 front page, but rather straight text. Try to imagine People magazine with no images of your favorite celebrities. Need we say more?

Some press release distribution companies such as 24-7PressRelease.com allow you to attach images to your press release.

Images tell a story. Images get attention. Images within your press release are a great way to extend your Companies logo. This works especially well when you are sending out multiple press releases. Permission When writing your press release, you may run intorepparttar 147850 common instance of attribution or writing a quote from an individual.

Havingrepparttar 147851 permission from this individual, to use their quote within a press release is extremely important. Failing to do so may result in a lawsuit, something that no Company would like.

If you are close to an individual, a verbal ok may be all that is required but we always recommend written permission.

Start Strong Not only should your press release have a catchy title and sub headline, your first paragraph will also be very important.

This isrepparttar 147852 perfect location for giving information about what you are trying to portray torepparttar 147853 reader. Perhapsrepparttar 147854 use of some statistics may be used, as long as you do not go overboard.

If you have already written a strong headline and sub headline, chances are you are well underway to writing a good press release.

Target The Media > Press Release Distribution Writing Tips At 24-7PressRelease.com Ė Targeting The Media

What not to write about There are certain doníts that are fairly simple to follow.

Do not write a press release that reads like an advertisement. Do not submit your press release if it is riddled with grammatical errors and typos. Do not submit your press release if it is geared toward illegal activity, stock promotion (unless you are a registered member ofrepparttar 147855 NASD with a registration number), hatred towards others, or terrorism. Nobody will publish this type of release.

Do not continually submitrepparttar 147856 same press release over and over, or even one that is slightly modified fromrepparttar 147857 original. If your press release was not picked up or you did not receive any enquiries, this should be a clue.

Conclusion A well written press release with a catchy title will bring attention to your Company. This type of media attention is invaluable and could move a Company from launch pad, torepparttar 147858 moon. Keep it simple, interesting, informative and torepparttar 147859 point. Keep your facts and figures accurate with sources where available and you are well on your way to success!

Resources: Press release distribution and further press writing tips may be found at: http://www.24-7pressrelease.com

Micheal has been a public relations advisor with 24-7pressrelease.com since August 2004 and has experience in reviewing press releases. Through his experience he has seen thousands of press releases and communication with the journalism industry. Through his experience he has compiled a short, but informative piece for writers just starting out.

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