5 Secrets to Achieving Your Goals with Passion

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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Secret #2-POSITIVE framing of your goal by crafting your goal using a positive perspective rather than a negative perspective. In your goal, you will want to be growing towards something instead of avoiding something. Using positive language attracts positive situations and people into your life. Avoiding stuff brings more stuff to avoid.

Secret #3- Have PASSION for your desired result. Lets face it, you will have more interest in reaching your goals if they are something you are passionate about. If you are living your life based upon someone else's dreams or someone else's passion, what do you suppose will happen? Very little of significance-so choose passion!

Secret #4-PRECISION in crafting your goal is critically important in achieving it. Onrepparttar same point, it is also important to not be totally attached to achieving it exactly as you first created it. I refer to this quality as "Passionate Detachment". This means your vision is crucially important to you, this particular project and its particular result are simply a piece of it, they are NOTrepparttar 131449 entire vision and they are NOT you personified. With PRECISION, write your goals such as this: "My intention is to have X number of new accounts by Y date usingrepparttar 131450 following tools 1, 2, and 3". If you just say "I want to have lots of accounts" well, thats interesting. Just doesn't mean anything, so it is unlikely you will get to where you want to be very quickly.

Secret #5-POLISH your goal as you grow towards it. One of my favorite examples of polishing goals is Oprah Winfrey, whose goa was to be a Network News Anchor. She never became one, obviously. She did, however, become an American icon, positively effecting millions of people every weekday. She polished her goal, making modifications as her life changed. She loved herself and her vision enough to not be overly rigid.

Cecil B. DeMille, American Film Producer and Director said, "The person who makes a success of living isrepparttar 131451 one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication." Being dedicated to your vision and allowing yourself room to create it will bring you to higher heights than you could ever imagine.

Want to berepparttar 131452 next Oprah (or whomever you admire)? Polish your goals with passionate precision. Picture yourself already there from a positive perspective. Live Passionately, today.

Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success Coach who left her career as a government bureaucrat and built a successful business in less than six months. She now combines mothering 4 children with inspiring people worldwide with her books, ezine, teaching and personal coaching. Visit http://www.5passions.com for free resources for YOUR success Email her at mailto:julie@5passions.com or call 661.325.4116

No Stress Holidays

Written by Theresa Frasch

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Use this section of your notebook to plan your holiday meals and to plan your baking and candy making. Title each section accordingly. Jot downrepparttar menu for your holiday dinner and make out your shopping list. Check your baking and candy recipes and make out your shopping list. If you have other special holiday items just add them here: decorative paper plates and napkins, Hickory Farms for unexpected guests, eggnog, a trip torepparttar 131447 liquor store. Keep track of everything you need here and you won’t be making second and third trips torepparttar 131448 store for forgotten items. Holiday Parties

This section is good whether you are planning a party, going to a party or both. Include sections on Decorations (what you will use, where they are, additional items you will need to purchase), Guest List, Food and Beverages (plan here for potluck parties you are invited to as well asrepparttar 131449 menu for your party), Preparation (what needs to be done and who is going to do it--try to divide responsibilities evenly), Invitations and Wardrobe Planner (make sure you have allrepparttar 131450 accessories as well as your main outfit for each occasion). Extras This section of your notebook will includerepparttar 131451 Holiday Chore List. This is a place to list all ofrepparttar 131452 extras that need to be done forrepparttar 131453 holidays: extra cleaning, gettingrepparttar 131454 guest room ready, putting uprepparttar 131455 outside decorations, etc. Remember to schedule time sensitive chores onto your daily calendar in section one. The family meeting is a good place to discuss these extras and to divvy them up.

The Extras section is also a good spot for your Christmas Decorations inventory. Jot down items that you remember from last year that you need: extra lights, a bigger tree stand, new candles, etc. As you begin to decorate you can also add onto this list.

Planning your holiday season may seem like too much trouble, butrepparttar 131456 benefits of planning in advance are numerous: no double scheduling, no wasted shopping trips, no scrambling around trying to find last minute gifts, peace of mind knowing that you did everything you wanted to do most, andrepparttar 131457 joy of a no stress holiday season filled with friends, family and fun. And just think, next year you will have your holiday planner all set up and ready to go. Put this year’s planner in a safe place and bring it out next holiday season for another no stress holiday.


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