5 Secrets To Growing Beautiful Roses

Written by Abigail Baker

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4. Tidy, Tidy: Keep Roses healthy, it is important to gather up withered petals and leaves and pick off any live leaves with black spots. Prevent black spot - mix 1 tbs of baking soda with 1 tbs of liquid dish soap and 1 gallon of water together and spray your Rose leaves.

5. Prune: Always prune 1/4" above an outward facing bud. Always use a sharp knife or hand pruners. Never prune in fall. Always cut offrepparttar suckers, they grow just belowrepparttar 113305 bud union; follow them down to where they begin and carefully remove them to encourage strong new growth.

Roses are classified into types according to ancestry, bush type, and flower form and size - ask at your local nursery forrepparttar 113306 type you prefer.

Abigail Baker is webmaster and contributing editor for Country Mall Place at http://www.acplace.com/

New for 2006- Granite Flexible Preformed Rock Ponds

Written by Gerry Fung

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Algreen advertises that its folding pond includes 3 built-in plant shelves, is weather-resistant, and is able to withstand extreme temperatures from 0 F to 105 F. Each pond shell features textured ridges, which are strategically placed to allow beneficial bacteria to form growth colonies, which significantly reduces algae-buildup inrepparttar pool.

Currently, there are two sizes of granite pond shells available from GardenSuperMart (GardenSM.com): a 144 gallon shell, and a 72 gallon shell. Both pond kits come complete with:

- The granite flexible pond shell

- A flexible streamlet

- An energy-efficient, heavy-duty Super Flo pump (500 or 306 gph, forrepparttar 113304 144 gallon and 72 gallon shells respectively)

- A telescopic riser and diverter forrepparttar 113305 Super Flo pump

- Four fountain heads

- Two 6 silk water lilies

- Tubing and clamps.

Atrepparttar 113306 time of this article, GardenSM.com hasrepparttar 113307 lowest pricing for these granite pond kits. GardenSM.com hasrepparttar 113308 144 gallon granite kit priced at $166.14 USD, andrepparttar 113309 72 gallon granite kit priced at $126.14. As part of their Grand Opening Special, GardenSuperMart is also including a FREE solar-powered frog light withrepparttar 113310 purchase of every folding pond kit.

This article can be viewed in its entirity (with pictures) at http://www.gardensupermart.com/tips/granite.asp. Further information aboutrepparttar 113311 granite flexible pond kits can be obtained at http://www.gardensupermart.com/buypond/pics/granite_preformed.html.

Gerry Fung is a Sales and Marketing representative for Northbridge Products Inc.

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