5 Sales Letter Blunders That LOSE the Sale

Written by Harmony Major

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Massive blocks of text in sales copy are just not cool.

Reading from a computer screen is already much more strenuous to most people than reading offline documents, so make your sales page easy onrepparttar eyes by using paragraphs that are no longer than 4-6 sentences each.

BLOOPER #4: "Is it a person, place, or thing, Pat?"

If your visitors don't know what you're selling, they won't be very compelled to buy it -- even if it ISrepparttar 127461 greatest widget inrepparttar 127462 history of widgethood. After all, if they don't KNOW it's a widget, why would they want it?

Let me give you an example.

The website of one "multi-millionaire" is selling a mystery item designed to tell you how to make millions. Throughout their sales letter, they give vague "details" of their own personal plight to making millions with "just a little work" by using their formula.

Even more interestingly, this person doesn't offer a money-back guarantee. Instead, they offer to "give you a formula that works." (In short, all they "guarantee" is that you'll getrepparttar 127463 product you're paying for --repparttar 127464 "secret" of how they made their millions. Oh joy!)

If it's such an effective formula, why not describe it? And more importantly, why not offer a money-back guarantee? Did I mention that a very minute percentage of customers ever take advantage of such a guarantee?

Umm ... I'm not buying it. Either figuratively OR literally.

BLOOPER #5: "If you're going to sell it, SELL it!"

In 99% of sales letters I've seen, it's quite obvious thatrepparttar 127465 writer is intending to sell me something. Not to say that this is BAD at all, because hey -- we all gotta eat. However, if I'm going to buy something, I'll need to knowrepparttar 127466 price.

Case in point, I've seen sales letters deliver a huge pitch about their product, but have no price for it listed anywhere onrepparttar 127467 page. Click torepparttar 127468 order page, and stillrepparttar 127469 same deal. Fill out a form, advance torepparttar 127470 next screen, and still no go. Get torepparttar 127471 billing information page, and only THEN do you seerepparttar 127472 price ofrepparttar 127473 product.

Why was it such a secret?

If your product is worthrepparttar 127474 price, don't hide it. Trust me. In doing so you'll make your prospects think that you hid it because your product is overpriced -- and they'll leave without buying.

Final Words...

So -- how does YOUR sales letter measure up? If you're currently committing any ofrepparttar 127475 five deadly sales copy sins above, it's not to late to repent and reform.

Remember, you could be driving hundreds of hot prospects away with each one ofrepparttar 127476 flubs above. Takerepparttar 127477 opportunity now to fix your sales copy before you forget, and start increasing your hits to sales ratio immediately. I'm rooting for you!

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Anybody Wanna Buy From "Ol' Shifty Eyes"?

Written by Mary Holzrichter

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How do we get that same feeling of "one on one"? Why do we "connect" with one person but not another? After all, we really don't know anyone we haven't met, do we? What IS that "spark" that ignitesrepparttar "fire"? Why do we "connect" with some people and not others?

I've found so many kind and helpful people onrepparttar 127460 internet, and I often wonder what "IT" is that causes that.

Why do you join a program or two? Is it because somehow you seemed to "connect" withrepparttar 127461 owner(s)? You just "feel" you can trust them, right? Why?

I think a lot of it has to do withrepparttar 127462 fact they respond to your inquiries with a personal touch. They takerepparttar 127463 time to email you - not just send a cold impersonal autoresponder message.

Ever emailed (to their personal email address) after receiving an autoresponder message and waited for a reply that never came? I have. Did you continue any further? I didn't.

Ever come across a great looking site and sent them an email complimenting them? Perhaps even feeling so "fired up and bold" that you throw in a question asking for a little help? I have. Still waiting for a reply? I am.

Ever unsubscribed from a newsletter because you don't have a clue whorepparttar 127464 editor is? There's no mention of a name? I have.

How long does it take for someone to send a simple email? A "thank you" or even an acknowledgment that they've received it and will get back to you as soon as they can?

Maybe soon they'll have allrepparttar 127465 time inrepparttar 127466 world! But it won't be onrepparttar 127467 internet.

Be interactive. Let people know you're a real person onrepparttar 127468 other end of that mouse.

Pretend you're seated across from me at a kitchen table on a hot summer evening with June bugs bouncing off repparttar 127469 screens and distant heat lightning inrepparttar 127470 horizon.

Mary Holzrichter The Newbie Club The Most Respected PC And Internet Learning Site On The Web! http://newbieclub.com?abcs mailto:holzrob3@naspa.net

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