5 Reasons to Organize Your Home Today

Written by Karen Fritscher-Porter

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SAVE MONEY - How many spatulas and wooden spoons do you have in your kitchen? What about screw drivers or other hand tools? Do you have duplicate items because you forgot you already had one? Ever boughtrepparttar same book or magazine twice becauserepparttar 149416 ones you had weren't visible in that huge pile? Home organization means fewer purchases of duplicate items by everyone inrepparttar 149417 household. You won't come home with another something you already have because you forgot where you putrepparttar 149418 first one. And neither will your spouse because he didn't know your family had one inrepparttar 149419 first place.

IT'LL LOOK GREAT - A good home organization system implemented with some surface cleaning (for example, dusting and vacuumingrepparttar 149420 common areas) often gives guests a great first impression of your home. They seerepparttar 149421 exterior ofrepparttar 149422 shell, a view that says "neat and clean"---even if a true "finger test" in an obscure location would spill some dirty secrets (like dust). If you enjoy entertaining in your home, then this is probablyrepparttar 149423 best reason to organize your home. In fact, throwing a party can be both your incentive and your reward to start organizing your home today.

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Flattering Swimwear for Everyone ó Yes, Even YOU!

Written by Valerie Giles

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Women really are at an advantage when it comes to selecting swimwear designs, asrepparttar number of womenís designs far exceedsrepparttar 149380 number of menís designs.

Womenís swimsuits come in one-piece designs, swim dress designs, sarong swimsuits, tankini suits and several bikini designs. Whereas menís suits are available mostly inrepparttar 149381 standard racing style, swim trunk and swim short designs.

The list of swimwear accessories is as great asrepparttar 149382 swimsuits to be had. The accessories are an important part of your beach or lake excursion, and can include; straw hats, crochet hats, sun hats, short chemises, pareo (cover up skirt), cover ups, capriís, thongs, sunglasses, tote bags, mesh bags and most importantly beach towels.

Childrenís swimwear offers some excellent options for those little oneís just learning to swim. There are great thermal wear suits available, which keep children nice and warm,repparttar 149383 innovative suits are made from a specially treated heat reflective neoprene material. Thermal wear suits and special sun protective swimwear also offer UV protection fromrepparttar 149384 sun. There are special water shoes for children that protect their small feet and help to prevent slips. Then of course there isrepparttar 149385 wide variety of designs and fabrics available to choose from. Designs for girls come in one and two piece whilerepparttar 149386 boysí suits most often come inrepparttar 149387 short and trunk designs.

Other considerations to keeprepparttar 149388 children busy atrepparttar 149389 beach or lake are lifejackets, arm floats, flotation devices, goggles and beach toys. There are great swim vests and special swimming tubes specially made for children to gradually ease into swimming. The list of pool toys is endless with floating basketball nets, dive toys, swimming fins and volleyball games to name a few.

The sun protection clothing and sun protective swimwear that is being manufactured is innovative and an excellent choice especially for children. Some ofrepparttar 149390 sun protective clothing and swimwear claims to block 98 per cent of UV rays with a UPF of 50 plus. What this means is that only one fiftieth of UV radiation falling onrepparttar 149391 surface ofrepparttar 149392 garment will pass through. Wearing this clothing is added protection againstrepparttar 149393 suns harmful rays.

When going torepparttar 149394 beach, pool or when participating in any outdoor activity it is important to wear a sunscreen of at least thirty. Nothing spoils a day inrepparttar 149395 sun likerepparttar 149396 pain of sunburn. That is why being prepared for your outing is important, bring alongrepparttar 149397 necessary hats, sunglasses and cover-ups to ensure both comfort and protection. This is true especially for children, itís probably best to avoid mid afternoon intense sun if possible. However if you cannot avoid being inrepparttar 149398 sun, be sure to bring along a beach umbrella to provide shade and again hats and sunscreens for children are absolutely necessary.

With so many wonderful swimwear options to choose from your beach, pool, lake or camping experience can be both pleasurable and fashionable. Takerepparttar 149399 time and find a swimsuit that you feel comfortable in and one that compliments your particular figure. Withrepparttar 149400 right swimwear choices you will be ready for all your travel and vacation needs with a suit that lasts for a few seasons.

Valerie Giles owns and operates Bikinis and Swimsuits, a swimsuit and resort wear site showcasing bikinis, swimwear and resort wear. Find the perfect swimsuit for every occasion and every figure type. http://www.bikinis-and-swimsuits.com

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