5 Reasons You Need a Business Plan to Succeed as an Online Affiliate

Written by Clay Mabbitt

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The program described up to this point is defined as two-tier or two-level. Let's say you also receive direct financial benefit when Sally introduces her friend Matt torepparttar program. Now we're talking about a three-tier program. In MLM terms, Sally and Matt are part of your downline.

What'srepparttar 102466 fuss? Now you have a clear understanding ofrepparttar 102467 differences with affiliate and MLM programs. They're both good business opportunities. Why would anyone care what label is attached torepparttar 102468 program?

Some people have a very strong attachment to one type of program orrepparttar 102469 other. Proponents of MLM programs preferrepparttar 102470 potential for exponential growth. If you have a few successful entrepreneurs in your downline, you can build an impressive residual income. People who prefer affiliate programs wish to avoidrepparttar 102471 difficulty with finding a quality MLM program. There are excellent MLM opportunities available, butrepparttar 102472 scams and poorly implemented programs far outnumberrepparttar 102473 genuine wealth-building opportunities. Affiliate programs are safer and less prone to failure due to poor management.

Bottom Line The difference boils down torepparttar 102474 presence of a downline. MLMs have one. Affiliate programs don't. Both can make money, but an MLM requires you to also sellrepparttar 102475 money-making potential ofrepparttar 102476 program.

Neither option gets you out of sellingrepparttar 102477 company's product or service. Sorry.

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Use an 'Affiliate Network' to Boost Your Commissions

Written by David McKenzie

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If you have an affiliate network of 100 then you will probably only have 5 to 10 of those affiliates making money for you. The others will make nothing.

However those 5 to 10 affiliates can earn you much higher commissions than you alone can make with direct sales.

It is just like having your own sales force!

Only difference is it's not your product or service.

Becoming successful with affiliate programs need not be all that difficult. One way to make it easier is to build an affiliate network for each of your affiliate programs. It will certainly boost your affiliate commissions.

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