5 Questions You Need To Answer Before Purchasing a Treadmill

Written by Aaron Co

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3) Where willrepparttar treadmill be used?

The size and weight ofrepparttar 137375 treadmill you will buy is another factor to be considered. If you have limited space at home, then buying a huge treadmill would not be a smart move. Also, an extremely heavy treadmill is recommended to be only onrepparttar 137376 ground floor of an old house.

For those with limited spaces at home, you might want to choose a treadmill with foldable feature. This allows you to foldrepparttar 137377 treadmill after use to save space.

4) What features do you need?

You need to determinerepparttar 137378 features that would be useful to you and be sure thatrepparttar 137379 treadmill you will buy has those features. If you want to workout in your target heart rate then make sure thatrepparttar 137380 machine you will be buying has a heart rate monitor.

5) How much can you afford?

Finally, know how much you can really spend for a treadmill then, considering numbers 1-4, chooserepparttar 137381 treadmill in that price range that suits you best. If you canít find your perfect treadmill in that price range, then you might have to look for one with a higher price tag.

If you need a webpage which categorizesrepparttar 137382 best treadmills by price, visit http://www.treadmilltips.com/best-buy-treadmills.html.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully these treadmill buying guide questions was able to enlighten you onrepparttar 137383 kind of treadmill that you really need.

Aaron Co is the founder of TreadmillTips.com. A website that provides unbiased treadmill reviews so shoppers can choose the fitness equipment that suits them best. For more treadmill and treadmill related articles, visit http://www.treadmilltips.com.

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7 Tips to Healthy Sleeping Habits

Written by Gobala Krishnan

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3) Stay away from any sleep-stealing stimulus

You should avoid consuming stimulus such as caffeine and nicotine late inrepparttar evening as these can disrupt your sleep later inrepparttar 137370 night. Caffeine is quite a strong stimulant that will keep your brain awake while nicotine activates your metabolism, thus keeping your body energetic. Instead, consume drinks that can aid you to sleep well, like warm milk, hot chocolate or even a glass of milk

4) Exercise regularly

Studies have shown that regular exercise approximately 4 to 6 hours before bedtime can actually help you fall asleep later inrepparttar 137371 night. So keep those abs burning and legs walking at least 20 minutes a day. However, avoid heavy exercises close to bedtime as that will raise your body temperature and keep you fully awake.

5) Cool off your body temperature

People tend to fall asleep as their body temperature falls. So, how canrepparttar 137372 old story of taking a hot bath before bed help you sleep? When you take a hot bath or a long hot shower, your body temperature goes up, but when you get into bed andrepparttar 137373 body temperature starts to fall, that helps you to sleep. Although this is something that happens naturally before sleep, a hot bath actually reinforces that physiological process.

6) Don?t force yourself to sleep!

If you cannot go to sleep, don?t force yourself by lying in bed and trying to sleep. Restrictrepparttar 137374 time in bed torepparttar 137375 amount of time you are actually sleeping. If you are not asleep in 15 to 20 minutes, get out of bed, go into another room and engage in some sedentary activity until you begin to feel sleepy. Listen to some calm music, make a to-do list or read a really boring book. Then, return back to bed when you feel sleepy.

7) Avoid afternoon naps

Taking naps duringrepparttar 137376 day directly interferes with your sleeping routine. Your ability to sleep at night gets affected because all those short power naps actually ensures that you get continual rest duringrepparttar 137377 day. So, when it comes for you to sleep at night, you actually feel zippy and alert.

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