"5 Powerful Free List-Building Tactics!"

Written by Michael S.L Bombard

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4. Take advantage ofrepparttar free list-building services. There's a ton of these programs floating aroundrepparttar 109641 'Net right now, and most work on a simple multi-level referral system. Not only do these generate more subscribers, but they also help to save you money!

My personal testing shows that Wes Blaylock's new system isrepparttar 109642 most effective - available 100% free at: http://www.roibot.com/w.cgi?R39995_Sdrive3

5. Harnessrepparttar 109643 power of referrals. This is a powerful strategy that should not be overlooked. Referrals are a very receptive bunch, mostly because they have already developed a small level of trust fromrepparttar 109644 third parties recommendation.

You may want to try offering a free eBook or free report to people who refer new customers/subscribers to your website. This can be easily accomplished withrepparttar 109645 free automated traffic generator/referral service found at: http://letemknow.com

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Building an E-mail Address Database

Written by Lauri Harpf

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3. Start publishing a newsletter. Although it requires quite a bit of work, an interesting newsletter quickly gathers subscribers and increasesrepparttar size of your E-mail database. An additional advantage of having a newsletter versus a simple E-mail announcement service is that you'll be able to submit torepparttar 109640 multiple newsletter directories onrepparttar 109641 Internet.

4. Continue to allow everyone to access most ofrepparttar 109642 content on your site, but also add a "Members only" area that contains articles or other information that is valuable to your visitors. Give out free memberships, but require members to register, reveal their E-mail addresses and allow you to send them an E-mail advertisement every now and then.

This idea is especially suitable if you're eventually planning to charge for some ofrepparttar 109643 content you provide. The step from requiring your visitors to register to requiring them to pay is smaller than moving from giving everything for free to fee-based access.

5. Whenever you ask your visitors to give out their E-mail address, remember to offer themrepparttar 109644 possibility to join your opt-in mailing list atrepparttar 109645 same time. Do you have a form on your site that allowsrepparttar 109646 visitors to contactrepparttar 109647 webmaster orrepparttar 109648 sales department? Perhaps you have a Tell-A-Friend script that asks forrepparttar 109649 sender's E-mail address and name? Both are excellent opportunities to suggest subscribing to your E-mail announcement list or newsletter to your visitors.

If you want to gather a sizeable list of E-mail addresses from your visitors, you shouldn't be afraid of trying hard to get them. Just keep in mind that there is a fine line between being persuasive and being annoying. Don't cross it.

Lauri Harpf runs the A Promotion Guide website, where he offers free tips on how you can use E-mail, search engines and other methods to promote your site. His site can be found at http://www.apromotionguide.com/

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