5 Overlooked, Yet Deadly Reasons WhyYour $ales Letter May Be Getting Poor Results

Written by Mike Jezek

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"guaranteed to work." 4) Inappropriate use of NLP or Hypnotic Sales Techniques. Some of these techniques work. Because ofrepparttar hypnotic selling craze, I'm seeing sales letters riddled with NLP andrepparttar 108176 like. Be careful. Many of these techniques are obvious - and can lead a reader to think you're playing mind games with them. The result? No sale. Just write a letter to your mom, ask forrepparttar 108177 order 3 times, back up your facts, then delete your mom's name and userepparttar 108178 prospect's name in her place. You'll immediately gain people's trust. And close more sales! 5) An Unbalanced Sales Letter. Many people saturate their sales letters with too many exclamation points, bolding, underlining and to many font colors. Result: A hyped up sales letter decreases believability. Many people try to playrepparttar 108179 "no hype" angle. I have never written a successful sales letter with zero hype. Solution: Mix an equal portion of hype with believability and you'll see results.

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Creative Success

Written by JC Anderl

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3. Write it down - If you spend a lot of time creatively thinking, it starts to become habit and pretty soon you'll be thinking about your site atrepparttar strangest times. This is great, butrepparttar 108175 problem is that you can often get distracted or just plain forget what you were thinking about. Keep an idea diary by writing down any idea that pops into your head, no matter how stupid it might seem. Later on, even if it turns out to not be such a great idea, it might spark your thoughts onto something better.

Don't become outdated and stagnant. Practice creative thinking often and record your thoughts. Those who do this will evolve and berepparttar 108176 leaders, whilerepparttar 108177 rest get swept behindrepparttar 108178 times.

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