5 New Internet Marketing Opportunities Through RSS

Written by Rok Hrastnik

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Just think ofrepparttar following possibilities ...

--> The search tool is one ofrepparttar 141822 most often used in larger web stores, giving your visitors an easy way to findrepparttar 141823 products they are interested. Butrepparttar 141824 same search results can be delivered via RSS as well. Imagine your customer doing a search for one of your product categories, and then also receiving a link torepparttar 141825 RSS feed for those very same search results, to find out immediately when a new product matching his terms is released or available for order.

--> This works for complex searches as well. If your customers are inrepparttar 141826 habit of searching for specific product categories, but only in a specific price range, you can deliver those very same results to them via RSS, but with a small twist  as soon as a new product matching their terms, includingrepparttar 141827 desired price, is launched, they are notified about it via RSS instantly. No need to visit your site again to dorepparttar 141828 time-consuming search;repparttar 141829 release comes directly to them.

--> Of course,repparttar 141830 same approach that many are already using for e-mail alerts can be used for RSS. Give your visitors a simple form using which they enter their criteria, and then give them access to an RSS feed bringing them product updates based exactly on their criteria. Why not just use e-mail? Because no one really wants more e-mail messages in their inboxes and no one wants to give away their personal information, while RSS is anonymous, doesn't require an e-mail address and is read whenrepparttar 141831 customer decides he hasrepparttar 141832 time.


Personalized/customized database listings are quite similar to product updates, but relate to any kind of complex information you provide to your visitors, such as …

--> Job listings

--> Dating

--> Real estate

--> Etc.

Using RSS, your visitors can decide exactly what kind of »content« (in this case, an individual content item could be a new job listing) they are looking for and then have that content delivered directly to them, via their own personalized RSS feed.

And yet, all of these are just some examples of what you can do with RSS. The possibilities for new content delivery & business development models are quite endless.

For example, some companies are already giving their visitorsrepparttar 141833 opportunity to track their FedEx, UPS and other packages via RSS feeds. Yet others are creating new services that allow you to receive critical information from an RSS feed to your mobile phone via SMS (such as getting an SMS notifying you that a new job matching your criteria is available). Yet again other sites enable you to keep track of when you need to return your library material, and even when your holds are ready and when they are about to expire, all this using RSS.

All of these are new business opportunities made possible with RSS, and each of them in a way improves lives of end-users, without placing a larger burden (more e-mail messages) on them.

Rok Hrastnik is the author of »Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS«, acclaimed as the best and most comprehensive guide to RSS for marketers by leading RSS experts. The complete guide on RSS for marketers: http://rss.marketingstudies.net/index.html?src=sa8

3 Instant Traffic Techniques for Mini-Sites

Written by Anik Singal

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An advantage of ezine advertising is that you know before you promote that you have a targeted audience that has already expressed an interest in your topic.

Also,repparttar subscriber andrepparttar 141821 publisher most likely have a good relationship (consideringrepparttar 141822 subscriber has not left) and so your promotion comes with credibility and may get more attention.

One ofrepparttar 141823 keys to doing well with ezine advertising (for me) has been repeated ads inrepparttar 141824 same ezine. I have found that my results are best inrepparttar 141825 second of third promotion. However, if I get no results on my first mailing, I do not repeat that ezine again.

Warning: Not all ezines arerepparttar 141826 same. Some will be major winners and others will be major flops.

#3: Directory Sites

Alright, here isrepparttar 141827 controversial technique that I use very successfully. I know, I know, some of you will think that it is "wrong" - but inrepparttar 141828 end, my job is to teach you how I get my traffic; that is exactly what I am going to do.

Directory sites are sites created by software that automatically build you a site which is 500 or more pages. These sites are just simply uploaded to a domain name. Most (if done right) tend to do well with search engines. That traffic is then forwarded to your mini-sites.

As you can see, we're holding fast to our policy of building a funnel system where we userepparttar 141829 large sites to bring inrepparttar 141830 "no cost" search engine traffic (which is also highly targeted). However, allrepparttar 141831 "selling" takes place on our mini-sites.

Large sites = Traffic Gathering Mini sites = Conversion Into Sales

Obviously there are many more techniques to use to attract traffic to your mini-sites such as banners, pay per click, link exchanging, etc... I just wanted to discussrepparttar 141832 top 3 that arerepparttar 141833 easiest to implement and requirerepparttar 141834 least learning curve (in my opinion).

Anik Singal is a 21 year old successful internet marketer who has developed his own affiliate marketing system which helped him earn over $10,466 in just 60 days using mini-sites. Join his FREE Course at: http://www.AffiliateClassroom.com/free-course.html

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