5 Mac Security Tips You Canít Live Without

Written by Paulo Fretowski

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4. Donít be afraid to buy anti-virus software. If you have to download files fromrepparttar internet as part of a job or hobby, then it is probably a good idea to have some sort of anti-virus software on your Macintosh. Apple provides a wide-variety of anti-virus software that is constantly updated.

5. Finally, keep an eye on those e-mail attachments and instant messages. Some hackers have programmed viruses to IM you from one of your friendsí screen names. Donít click on any link without knowing what it is first. Most e-mail providers use virus scans automatically, but you should always be extra careful when downloading an attachment. If it is from someone you do not know, donít trust it.

Apple computers are very safe from hackers, but they can always be improved. Keeping a computer safe, and running well requires a great amount of time and energy. Just remember that if your computer is safe, your Apple experience will be much more rewarding.

Paulo Fretowski enjoys writing about computers because he uses them for his job with BizNicheMedia.

Printer's - Now As Common As The Telephone

Written by Alberto R. Pino

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To further differentiaterepparttar various printers, you can break them down to impact and non-impact. One other example isrepparttar 143381 formed character printer. The way that these work is by forcing a metal or plastic character against an inked ribbon to produce a sharp image on paper. These characters may be on a moving bar, a rotating ball, a rapidly rotating chain, or wheel spokes. Although noisy, impact printers can produce multiple copies of business forms simultaneously using carbon or carbonless techniques.

Non-impact printers use thermal and electrostatic, rather than mechanical, techniques, such as ink-jet, laser, bubble-jet, andrepparttar 143382 others mentioned above. Non-impact printers are quieter than impact printers and produce higher quality output, especially of graphics, but at a greater cost per page of course. Whatever one you choose, printers are an integral part of everyone's life!

Alberto R. Pino is founder of All About printers an excellent resource site dedicated to information on printer

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