5 Keys to Starting Your Own Internet Enterprise

Written by Joel Christopher

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3. Find Mentors- Get H.O.P.E.(Help from Other People's Expertise)

Have you ever heard ofrepparttar saying "don't re-inventrepparttar 117944 wheel"? Sure you have. Somehow, somewhere someone has already figured out a way to succeed inrepparttar 117945 venture you're getting into. Why not follow his/her proven recipe for success and apply it to your own situation.

The shortcut to success is through Mentorship. Inrepparttar 117946 area of Internet Marketing, there are already those who have found ways to be successful....even thoughrepparttar 117947 Net is still new and there's still a lot to learn. Find these successful Online Marketers and model their formula for success. Seek out these Webmasters. You'd be surprised to find out how generous they are with their advice.

It' easy to follow their footsteps. Check their web sites, read their books and study their courses. Most of these experts publish FREE newsletters where you can learn tons of golden nuggets of information every week. I even found a few of them who offer e-mail and phone consultation when you obtain their books and courses. I will reveal who these Masters are & what I learned from them in a future article. If you can't wait, send mailto:WebMaster@SuccessAccess.com?subject=Mentors_WPN

4. Share Your EXPERTISE

Dr. Stephen Covey, author ofrepparttar 117948 "7 Habits of Highly Effective People", wrote thatrepparttar 117949 best way to learn principles is to teach others.

Teach others and you'll be better at it each time you do it. The more you SHARE and teach,repparttar 117950 more of an expert you become. The more you become an expert,repparttar 117951 more you improve your credibility. When you share your expertise (what you're PASSIONATE about), you will not only build your credibility. It will also help you develop your knowledge and skills and help your business grow. Thus, it will help your earnings.

It's a positive feedback loop:


5. Get Started NOW!

A sense of urgency isrepparttar 117952 mark of a successful person. There is no better time to START than NOW TODAY!

Most failures think that there are 8 days in a week --- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & SOMEDAY... "Someday, I'll start my own business." "Someday, I'll get to it." "Someday, I'll.." Well, "Someday" never comes.

All winners think of one day TODAY! Think of today & everyday asrepparttar 117953 beginning ofrepparttar 117954 rest of your life. Whatever Internet business you want to start, START NOW. Whatever task you need to do to get started, DO IT TODAY. Be it learning Internet Marketing, studying search engine positioning, email marketing or creating a web site.. whatever it is, it doesn't matter. Just Get Started!

My advice to beginners: Listrepparttar 117955 5-10 things you love to share or do. Narrow it down torepparttar 117956 one or two you're most passionate or most motivated about. Then start learning more about it, find mentors to help you and finally, share it torepparttar 117957 world. The best place to do it is onrepparttar 117958 Internet.

If it's true that SUCCESS isrepparttar 117959 progressive realization of a worthy ideal, then when you start today, you already are a SUCCESS.

I wish yourepparttar 117960 best of success!

Joel Christopher, is the Publisher of "Access-2-Success eZine", a weekly eZine dedicated to provide Beginner Internet Entrepreneurs a step-by-step guide on how to start, grow and expand your own online business venture. http://www.SuccessAccess.com mailto:WebMaster@SuccessAccess.com?Subject=subscribe-WPN

You Can't Please Everyone

Written by John Colanzi

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Of course not?

There's a Zen story that illustates this point.

An old man and his grandson are walking downrepparttar road with a mule loaded with their possessions.

As time goes byrepparttar 117943 young boy can't keep pace. Sorepparttar 117944 old man puts him onrepparttar 117945 mule withrepparttar 117946 possessions.

A stranger mocksrepparttar 117947 two saying ifrepparttar 117948 youmg boy had any respect, he'd letrepparttar 117949 old man ride.

They exchange places and come upon another stranger who says it' a shame how they're treating their mule.

Hearing thisrepparttar 117950 old man takes a long pole and instructsrepparttar 117951 young man to help him carryrepparttar 117952 mule.

They reach a bridge and as they begin to crossrepparttar 117953 mule becomes agitated and everyone falls intorepparttar 117954 water.

What'srepparttar 117955 moral?

Once you've set your course, put on blinders and ear plugs and stayrepparttar 117956 course.

You can't please everyone!

Wishing You Success

John Colanzi publishes the "Street Smart Marketing" newsletter. To subscribe mailto:ezmailer-subscribe@listbot.com Get your Free special bonus traffic generating software at: http://johncolanzi.com/free.html

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