5 Insider Secrets to Million Dollar Sales Letters

Written by Terry Dean and Michael Bosse

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Many copywriters call this their swipe file. They use it as an idea generator for their headlines, body copy, bullets, etc. If they are stuck on creating a good guarantee, they can look through other guarantees people have used. If they are trying to think of how to do a P.S., they can look through other ones. They can get their letter writing going through taking ideas from other winning sales materials.

Never Use Ideas Word For Word From Your Swipe File. This would be plagiarism. Use it to generate general ideas. You don't want to copy their sentences word for word. You want to flip through some different sales letters until an idea forms in your head about what to write for your project.

This swipe file will help you keep on track and produce winning sales materials every time and it costs you nothing to create. Just collect or print out winning sales letters you find and put them in a notebook or series of notebooks you keep handy when writing your letters.

Rememberrepparttar cardinal rule when using your swipe file. NEVER copyrepparttar 108123 ideas word for word!

3. Always research your client's customers until you know them like your own best friend.

Many times you will see reports on how to write killer sales materials that cover many ofrepparttar 108124 basics, but they forgetrepparttar 108125 most important part. The major key to writing million dollar sales letters is to know your customers like you do your own best friend.

You need to know what their needs and desires are. You need to know what fears they are experiencing. You need to know what their Hot Buttons are. What is it that they respond to? What is it that would offend them?

If you don't know your prospects, then you can never write an effective sales letter to them. I don't care if you are best writer inrepparttar 108126 world. If you don't know them, you won't be able to make sales to them. Good copywriters take polls ofrepparttar 108127 customers. They look at sales letters their customers have already responded to. They go out and ask questions of their potential customers. They do everything they possibly can to know who their biggest potential prospect is.

If you can't tell me everything about your potential prospects, then you aren't ready to start writing yet. You should know their general age, their hot button, their dreams, their fears, and everything that relates somehow to your product.

The key to a good sales letter is being able to describerepparttar 108128 benefits of your product to this individual prospect or customer. It needs to be personalized to them individually.

4. Relax.

Learn how to relax. If you are in a rush to do your sales letter, it will be obvious torepparttar 108129 readers. Be willing to take your time and do an extremely good job. Let things stew inside your brain between each ofrepparttar 108130 important elements.

After you research your prospects and get to know them, take some time to relax. Think on them and their desires for a while. Take some time to relax after you write your headlines and chooserepparttar 108131 best one for your letter. Think about how to create that flow throughout your letter, starting with your headline. Take some time to relax after you write your rough draft. Sit it down and come back to itrepparttar 108132 next day. Then, you will be refreshed and ready to edit it. After you have done your editing, put it away again for a little while. Come back to it refreshed and read over it again. See if there is anything else you would like to change about it.

Don't rush throughrepparttar 108133 writing process. Learn how to let your mind go to work by working on it, then relaxing a bit. Go back to work and then let your mind stew over it again. Keep this process throughoutrepparttar 108134 entire letter.

5. Test and Edit.

There is only one way you can ever determine if a sales letter will be successful or not. It has to be put torepparttar 108135 test. It has to be sent out to some ofrepparttar 108136 potential prospects.

Send it out and find out if it makes a profit or not. If it is winning letter right up front, great! If not, then it is back torepparttar 108137 drawing board. Whether it makes money or not, you will still need to test it.

For example, you should takerepparttar 108138 letter that made money and try a different headline for it. Comparerepparttar 108139 results torepparttar 108140 original. Test a different price. Testrepparttar 108141 offer worded slightly different. Keeprepparttar 108142 sales letter that is producingrepparttar 108143 best results after each test. This isrepparttar 108144 control that you will determine your results from.

Winning marketers are always testing their materials to find out which one is producingrepparttar 108145 best results. The killer sales materials that you see being used year after year and decade after decade became that way through this type of testing. Rarely isrepparttar 108146 first letter writtenrepparttar 108147 absolute best letter it could ever be. You need to keep improving it through testing until you haverepparttar 108148 letter that consistently out-pulls everything else.

As you can see, copywriting isn't all about being born with huge amounts of writing talents. It is about making a decision to becomerepparttar 108149 best. It is about deciding to dorepparttar 108150 work you need to succeed in your business. Good copywriters are never lazy, and anyone can be a good copywriter. What about you?

By Terry Dean co-authored by Michael Bosse

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Terry Dean is a 5 year veteran of internet marketing and the founder of www.netbreakthrough.com. Michael Bosse is a business logistics specialist who provides consultation and aid to people interested in starting there own home business.


Written by Steven Boaze

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Putting it all together, then your ad might read something like this: MAKE BIG MONEY! Easy & Simple. Guaranteed! Limited offer. Send $l to: These arerepparttar ingredients of any good solo ad - Attention - Interest - Desire - Action... Without these four ingredients skillfully integrated into your ad, chances are your ad will just "lie there" and not do anything but cost you money. What i have just shown you is a basic solo ad. Although such an ad could be placed in any leading publication and would pull a good response, it's known as a "blind ad" and would pull inquiries and responses from a whole spectrum of people readingrepparttar 108122 publication in which it appeared. In other words, from as many "time-wasters" as from bona fide buyers. To give you an example ofrepparttar 108123 kind of solo ad you might want to use, say to sell a report such as this one... Using allrepparttar 108124 rules of basic advertising copywriting, and stating exactly what our product is, our ad reads thusly: MONEY-MAKER'S SECRETS! How To Write winning solo ads. Simple & easy to learn -should double or triple your responses. Rush $1 to BC Sales, 10 Main Anytown, va 75001. The point i am making is that: l) You've got to grabrepparttar 108125 reader's attention... 2) You've got to "interest them" with something that appeals to them... 3) You've got to "further stimulate" him with something (catch-phrase) that makes them "desire"repparttar 108126 product or service... 4) Demand that he act immediately... There's no point in being tricky or clever. Just adhere torepparttar 108127 basics and your profits will increase accordingly. One ofrepparttar 108128 best ways of learning to write good solo ads is to studyrepparttar 108129 other solo ads out there - try to figure out exactly what they're attempting to sell - and then practice rewriting them according torepparttar 108130 rules I've just given you. Whenever you sit down to write a solo ad, always write it all out - write down everything you want to say - and then go back over it, crossing out words, and refining your phraseology. Generally speaking, readers respond more often to solo ads that include a name than to those showing just initials or an address only. However, because advertising costs are based uponrepparttar 108131 number of words, orrepparttar 108132 amount of space your solo ad uses,repparttar 108133 use of some names in solo ads could become quite expensive. If i were to ask our ad respondents to write to or send their money to The Research Writers & Publishers Association, or to Book Business Mart, or even to Money Maker's Opportunity Digest, my advertising costs would be prohibitive. Thus we shorten our name Researchers or Money-Makers. The point here is to think relative torepparttar 108134 placement costs of your solo ad, and to shorten excessively long names. The important thing is to knowrepparttar 108135 rules of profitable solo ad writing, and to follow them. Hold your costs in line. once your solo ad is written, now isrepparttar 108136 time to use it wisely knowrepparttar 108137 basics...grab their attention...repparttar 108138 rest is up to you.

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